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V.good ary
Zawarsmith, Buner Tuesday, August 15 2017

Aslamoalikum hope u well guys ary news chanel is not working properly plz fix it from france paris
kashif, paris Monday, August 14 2017

ji bilkul ye tha wo do qoumi nazriya jo chief justice sahab ne bayan kia hai . lekin afsoos kuchh log es naziriye ki shakal badalney ki koshish ker rehe hein .un ko do qoumi nazriye ki darust defination hi maloom nahein ...ager yaqeen na aye to plz. bol chennel ke game show 13 August mein Amer liaqat ki introductory speech sun lein...keh ye over confident jahil admi do qoumi nazriye ka matlab kia bata raha hai..
jab tak asteen mein chhupay munafiq hum mein mojood hein Pakistan ka Allah hi hafiz hai.
samia sultana, Jeddah Monday, August 14 2017

I usually enjoy listening sabar shaker Voice of N.S disqualification.
nazir, lhr Monday, August 14 2017

Ikram, FRANCE Monday, August 14 2017

I love art.shukriya Pakistan shukriya ary.jashn-e-azadi mbrik
shabaz sharif, bagh azad kashmir Monday, August 14 2017

I love ary.thanks ary shukriya Pakistan.happy azadi
shabaz sharif, bagh azad kshmir Monday, August 14 2017

Ary digital best all channels happy independence day to all Pakistani ary best all world I like ary digital news
Zohaib , Sailkot Monday, August 14 2017

I love this channel ary digital best all channels happy independence day to all Pakistani I like this channel ary best all world
Zohaib malik , Sailkot Monday, August 14 2017

I love ary digital best all channels I like this channel Happy independent day to all Pakistani 😙😘😙😘
Zohaib , Sailkot Monday, August 14 2017


like ARY All Programs
Qamar Zaman Shahid, Sialkot Monday, August 14 2017

Great ! This changing situation puts a great responsibility on our media to cascade the right information. I appreciate the work of ARY - you have played a role of National TV because PTV has been also victimized by the corruption. I wish you best of luck. Live strong - you have earned respect of millions
Abdul Wahab, London Monday, August 14 2017

I really love to watch ARY NEWS specially ANCHOR person the Reporters and off the record In anchor person maria memon waseem badami Sabir shakir saab kashif abbasi along with these i like All Ary news they provide us facts with proof
SHAHZAD KHAN, SWABI Sunday, August 13 2017

Ary is promoting virtue as well as evil. Double policy should be stopped.
Shamshair Balouch, Khuzdar Sunday, August 13 2017

Excellent news coverage,continue with deligent reporting.Pakistan zindabad.enemies of Pakistan hell awaits you!
Love, Los angles Sunday, August 13 2017

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ahmad, Lahore Sunday, August 13 2017

we can not see good news from news channels, always fighting against each other, blaming each other. so sad.
wahid, mtl Sunday, August 13 2017

ARY , like other TV channels, has a right to show whatever facts are in front of them. If anyone feels they are not showing what they want to see, they have a choice to watch the channels they like. It is the freedom of the media which should be maintained. If it is left to the opinion of few individuals, no channel will ever be operate.
Ghulam Rasul Shahzad, Rochdale, Manchester, UK Sunday, August 13 2017

U have bravely participated in emerging NEW PAKISTAN. It is as per directive of the holy Quraane..." I(Allah) shall help to change when U should make sincere effort to do so. By by
Dr. Subhan Adil, California Sunday, August 13 2017

ARY is always showing reality and truth to nation ,
From Muhammad Naseem Jeddah
Muhammad Naseem, Jeddah Saturday, August 12 2017

I love ARY
aamir rasheed ansari , nawab shah Saturday, August 12 2017

Biased reporting for sale against any time and at a time by splitting screen, all journalists/ anchors are tagging for sale board .. Idiotic approach for collecting money
Haider , Labore Saturday, August 12 2017

sub acha ki reporting ni krta jo ha o wo e dekhana chahye jhot or jhoty ko expose krna chahye chahy wo apna e q na ho
faisal shehzad chaudhary, lahore Saturday, August 12 2017

I appreciated to ARY news channel ,and i will say to all that we should accept truth, and should take step to promote truth.
M.Bilal khan , Azad kashmir (Muzaffarabad) Saturday, August 12 2017

As long as People lIke Ali Raza alive Pakistan can not be a successful state. Geo and Jaang group should be banned. I would like to ask all Pakistani who live abroad and support Nawaz Sharif; " why you guys not living and working in your beloved Nawaz Sharif Pakistan?, They will not , these people don't believe in democracy but hence left pakistan for better future.
salman, Toronto Saturday, August 12 2017

I love ARY from Denmark

Syed, Copghan Saturday, August 12 2017

ARY is requested to please discuss 10 months remaining period of PM Nawaz Sharif, why you not understanding?
ra, kkn Saturday, August 12 2017

ARY Please discuss if you imagine - Mr Nawaz Sharif is on right saying side that as PM his tenure is remaining 10 months in our view . HE Should be allowed to rule for 10 months more.

Opponents has given him another chance to Win the political game.
ARY VIewers, KRYM Saturday, August 12 2017

No doubt, MR NAWAZ SHARIF is saying right because his tenure as PM is ending after 10 months , So he is right saying ARY PLEASE ?

His opponents has given him again a golden chance to win the future elections again.
ARY Viewers, Kck Saturday, August 12 2017

ARY often gets offline plz fix this issue.
Sadia yousaf, UAE Saturday, August 12 2017

ARY News Live – Stay “Har Lamha Ba Khabar” with ARY News! Regarded as Pakistan’s most watched news channel, ARY News TV has gained immense appreciation and viewership due to its informative and ground breaking shows. Launched back in 2004, the ARY News live kicked off its transmission with a motto of displaying honest and modest journalism and portraying the positive image of Pakistan in the world. Based in Dubai, ARY News TV now has a vast network of over 500 correspondents locally and internationally. It initially started its operations as the bilingual news channel telecasting news in both English and Urdu and later decided to concentrate only on Urdu News, as that is the major medium of communication for Pakistani audience who understands Urdu language.

Being the news channel wing of ARY Group, the channel grabbed the lime light among the mainstream viewers due to accurate and unbiased conduction of current affairs shows and heated debated with the politicians. ARY News Live aims to cater all the news and top stories that you look for. Whether its top news linked to the Panama case verdict against PM Nawaz Sharif in the Supreme Court, or Imran Khan- Ayesha Gulalai recent news controversy, ARY News takes the pride in bringing unbiased & professional news reporting to the viewers. ARY TV News gained immense acknowledgement by broadcasting some eye opening shows based on reality, discussing the social /political turmoil, bringing harsh realities of our society on screen, and criticizing the government. ARY News TV is truly living up to the expectations of the viewers who are looking for reality based shows, facts based discussions and news as it happens.

Top journalists like Waseem Badami, Kashif Abbasi, and Iqrar ul Hassan are associated with ARY TV News. They are known for their unique style of news reporting and conducting meaningful shows to a great extent. ARY News popular shows 11th Hour hosted by Waseem Badami and Sar e Aam by Iqrar ul Hassan have been rightly popular due to its interesting and thought provoking content. ARY News anchors broadcasts shows based on hot topics, and realities of the society that are harsh yet important to discuss.

Some of the prominent names of ARY News are Iqrar-ul Hassan, Waseem Badami, Fizza Saleem, Kashif Abbasi, Sadaf Abdul Jabbar, Dr. Danish, and Amir Ghauri to name a few. The professionalism of these anchors in presenting the programs has given the prior lead to the channel. Valid, authentic, and focused news coverage is forte of ARY News Live. Several kinds of program related to politics, business or entertainment telecast on ARY News includes Sar-e-Aam Off the Record, Jurm Bolta Hai, Off the Record, The Morning Show with Sanam Baloch, Sawal Yeh Hai, 11th Hour, Criminals Most Wanted, Power Play and many more. The dedicated online users can facilitate from the ARY News live streaming in good quality online from this page. Those who are looking for ARY news headlines can check the page where news is telecast every hour. Catch the exclusive ARY News live streaming online from this page.

ARY News – Being aware of the surrounding and reporting fact based news to the general public is the foremost duty of ARY News. Serving as Pakistan’s premier and most popular current affairs channel, it is a Sister channel of ARY Group. ARY News TV is into business since September 2004, telecasting news bulletins, political discussion based shows, breaking news, covering and debating all national issues. With the tagline "Har Lamha Bakhabar", ARY News Live is aware of its surrounding and knows about every event happening in the country through its vital sources. ARY TV News operates with exclusive network of over 700 journalists, reporters, and other correspondents across the globe.

ARY News is renowned for its thought provoking and unbiased current affair shows presented by some of the prominent Pakistani journalists. The variety of shows serves as a strong arm of ARY News Live. The genre of shows features news, current affairs, political debates, and infotainment. The strength of ARY News Live includes top rated anchors hosts for instance, Dr. Shahid Masood, Kashif Abbasi, Iqrar ul Hassan, and Waseem Badami. Famous shows of ARY News Live TV includes Off Record, 11th Hour, Power play, Sar e Aam, Live with Dr. Shahid Masood, Criminals Most Wanted, and The Reporters to name a few.

Get informed and updated with ARY News live streaming here. You can watch ARY News Live coverage of all the latest happening in the country for instance, tussle between government and Imran Khan, MQM based news, India Pakistan bilateral relations all on this platform.

11th Hour

The most popular show of ARY News is none other than 11th Hour hosted by Waseem Badami and telecasts from Monday to Thursday at 11:05 PM. Waseem Badami is known for his unique style of hosting and that can be clearly seen in his show. He debates on every prevailing issue in detail seeking a practical solution. He even takes live calls and invites guest in his show to debate on any given issue. You can watch 11th Hour online and live on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.

Sar e Aaam

Another popular show of ARY News is Sar e Aaam hosed by Iqrar ul Hassan. The show is based on the concept of identifying the social evils that are hidden from the eyes of law and justice and damages the social structure of the country. The show has successfully telecasts the on-spot evidence of several crimes in the show. You can watch Sar e Aaam online and live on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.

Off the Record

Hosted by popular anchor Kashif Abbasi, Off the Record has achieved milestones in terms of popularity across the country. The show is telecast from Monday to Thursday at 8:05 PM. Off the Record is a hard hitting show that highlights political turmoil, social, or cultural based issues. There are 3 regular guests invited in every show who discuss every issue intelligently giving their individualistic perspectives, and dodge the stinging queries of Kashif Abbasi.