Soup Recipes – Soup is regarded as the starter of every cuisine. For lunch or dinner people prefer to have hot and steamy soups along with crackers. Soups are healthy and ta... ...Read more

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چکن کوکونٹ سوپ
I have tired two recipes of soup from this page once is just was average and the second one is best which has the name of Chicken corn soup
Neha - Karachi 10/21/2016 5:33:36 PM
chicken corn soup
Making chicken corn soup with this recipe is really a good decision because this recipe has the good and ultimate taste of the soup
Samra - Karachi 10/21/2016 5:31:37 PM
chicken corn soup
I really like chicken corn soup but we can eat it only in winter because it’s too hot now days the winter season will soon because the weather is little cold in nowadays
Mifra Khalid - Karachi 10/21/2016 1:52:45 AM
chicken corn soup
I would like to try this recipe as soon because the season is coming I will prepare myself for my children’s because they love to eat soap everyday
Tanzeelah - Karachi 10/20/2016 6:03:43 PM
ہاٹ اینڈ سار سوپ
Making soup in winter absolutely the amazing think what you ever get so make it with this special recipe of Soup and got ultimate taste
Hamidah - Karachi 10/20/2016 5:49:58 PM
ڈاڈو سوپ
This is the chicken soup but I want to know the beef yakhni soup recipe because I don’t know its recipe that how to make it so please show me that
naadia - karachi 10/20/2016 9:08:17 AM
چیزی چکن سوپ
This soup Is looking very tasty on this photo and this recipe of soup is toking very easy mother method so I will try to make it
shahana - karachi 10/20/2016 9:06:13 AM
ہاٹ اینڈ سار سوپ
They upload every year many soups recipe like chicken mutton and other types of soups which is my family love to eat
Yumna - Karachi 10/19/2016 4:36:26 PM
chicken corn soup
Now the soup season is starting and I would like to come here for the new recipes of Soups as usual they upload every year
Nazish - Karachi 10/19/2016 4:34:42 PM
chicken corn soup
aah, winter is coming and I will love to have chicken corn soup, I will surely try this recipe. Because it seems so much tasty.
kinza - isalamabad 10/19/2016 11:07:00 AM

Soup Recipes – Soup is regarded as the starter of every cuisine. For lunch or dinner people prefer to have hot and steamy soups along with crackers. Soups are healthy and tasty and people love to have it during winters. The level of nutrients present in soup is truly amazing. It is a perfect diet for weight conscious souls who strive to gain energy without putting up extra calories. Method to prepare soup is not so tough. One can easily learn how to prepare yummy soups at home by following the delicious and latest Soup recipes posted here online.

Learn and make best healthy Pakistani Soup Recipes. Our rendered Soup Recipes are the easiest way to cook appetizing Soup Recipes at home in minutes. Pakistani cuisines are one of the well-recognized cuisines among continental food. Pakistani food obtains admiration all around the world especially for its Soup Recipes. You can find several BBQ recipes both in Urdu and English. Some of renowned chefs and cooking experts include Rida Aftab, Shireen Anwar, Gulzar, Zubeida Tariq and Sadat Siddiqui barbeque recipes are available on our page. BBQ is considered the best grilled food to eat for dieting. It is basically an American dish, derived by different methods of cooking meat/chicken putting on heat or fire depends on you in what way you want to cook your Soup.