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Rice, Biryani, & Pulao چاول٬ بریانی اور پلاؤ Rice, Biryani, & Pulao Video Recipes
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Latest Reviews & Discussions on Rice, Biryani, & Pulao

Sohail Ahmed - Nagpur 11/13/2015 2:35:26 PM
korma wali biryani

Fish Biryani Recipe by Zubaida Tariq
sana - khi 11/10/2015 6:20:23 AM
In the recipe of fish biryani, which type of fish are good to increase the taste? In this site, I noting that there is no any name of fish is available, before winter I want to make perfect to make it.

salma - khi 11/9/2015 1:30:17 AM
May be the quantity of haldi in sindhi biryani is much more which make biryani more reddish but in the taste I don’t think so it is different in the taste which is similar.

Singaporean Rice
fareen - khi 11/9/2015 1:27:36 AM
Singaporean rice is quiet difficult to serve because its garnishing and the layers of serving for the presentation is much important, without it, it just look simple chinese rice.

Jalfarezi Biryani Recipe by Zubaida Tariq
maria shahzadi - lahore 11/8/2015 9:32:18 AM
zubaida apa thanks for ur recipe ..... its really very helpfull for me ....... i love apa

Beef Biryani Recipe
sonam younas - lahore 11/8/2015 9:26:51 AM
your recipe is very good i made the beef biryani .....it made so tasty

ambreen - khi 11/7/2015 12:39:05 PM
My all the children wants to eat matar in any thing that is why I am searching the different recipes in which matar are include, this shamla biryani is also looking tasty dish, I will try it.

Chicken White Biryani Recipe by Zubaida Tariq
saniya khan - mumbai 11/6/2015 3:40:12 AM
It look very nice n i m big fan of u n im going to try this today

Rumaisa - Karachi 11/5/2015 6:53:12 AM
Biryani & only Biryani ---- Superb dish, easy recipe, like by everyone, eat by everyone ---- Bombay Biryani rock

Chicken White Biryani Recipe by Zubaida Tariq
Nomvula - gauteng 10/29/2015 1:24:31 PM
Mh I really like it

Rice, Biryani, & Pulao

Pakistani food rice, pulao & Biryani recipes collection. The most fascinating array of free Indian & Pakistani cuisine. Biryani is a rice based food made with spices (especially cumin, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, mint leaves, ginger and garlic)Pulao Recipes selected by the collective tastebuds of the masses from Group Recipes. Check out Biryani Recipes, Pulao Recipes & much more. Find rice, pulao & Biryani recipes in Urdu and English. Try our easy rice, pulao & Biryani recipes and make tasty food at your home.