Biryani Recipes - This page gives you access to learn some latest and mouthwatering biryani recipes video and pulao recipes that you can prepare at home and enjoy it with yo... ...Read more

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Latest Reviews & Discussions on Rice, Biryani, & Pulao
چکن بریانی
Rice Biryani is looking lighter to taste that’s why I was added some sauces in this recipe and it gives me the spiciest taste what I want and my family like
Sabeen - Karachi 1/3/2017 3:34:15 PM
Fish Fry With Green ...
Spicy and delicious recipe of Fish Fry Green Masala which I truly want to make again and again because of the unexpected and new taste of it
Sidra - Karachi 1/3/2017 3:31:46 PM
سندھی بریانی
Sindhi Biryani is very hard to made because it takes much longer time of mine but when I taste it I forget the time what I spend on it
Umaima - Karachi 1/3/2017 3:29:42 PM
Chinese Egg Fried Ri...
Chinese Fried Rice is a dish of steamed rice stir fried in a wok mixed with chopped vegetables . Chinese Fried Rice is hell tastey I like to have with different type of Sauces or Chinese dishes.
kareem - jehlam 12/31/2016 3:58:30 AM
سبزیوں کی بریانی
Biryani needs no introduction as this delectably flavored rice cooked with succulent pieces of meat is a crowd favorite on any given day !!
emaan - danmark 12/31/2016 3:50:12 AM
مرغ کی بریانی
My husband and I are big-time rice eaters. So, Pulao is a favourite in my home. this is usually paired with a simple ingridients.
madiha - istanbul 12/28/2016 11:51:42 PM
Nauratan Chicken Pul...
An uncomplicated recipe for a pulao with a side of chicken that is easy to cook and instant as well. It is very yummy pulao dish that you must definitely try!
ifra - philadephia 12/28/2016 11:50:23 PM
چکن بریانی
it is a beautiful Chicken Biryani dish that is worth the effort and time. It is authentic chicken biryani with marinated chicken and flavoured rice.
younas - nawabshah 12/28/2016 11:45:34 PM
سبزیوں کی بریانی
get hold of some delicious and easy to make recipes online. This facility is suitable for learners as well as for house wives who are dealing with the desire to cook something different.
hasan - haydrabad 12/28/2016 10:11:50 PM
بمبئی کی بریانی
I noted the recipe of Bombay biryani yesterday and I purchased all the necessary ingredients for the preparation of this delicious dish. Insha Allah I will make it today in the dinner, I also invite my friends in home because I am sure that I will make perfect Bomaby Biryani.
misbah - khi 12/20/2016 4:37:39 AM

Biryani Recipes - This page gives you access to learn some latest and mouthwatering biryani recipes video and pulao recipes that you can prepare at home and enjoy it with your family. You can find variety of rice recipes including Biryani recipes of various flavors including egg, vegetable, hyderabadi, fish, mutton and chicken biryani. Pulao recipes that are unique from the traditional ones, Fried Rice recipe for those who have craving for Chinese food, Chicken & Rice recipes for dinner parties, vegetable rice recipes for diet conscious souls and lot more for your interest.
Biryani recipes are considered to be most delicious in Pakistani cuisine. You can cook several recipes made from rice that are all loved and appreciated by masses. Pulao and Biryani recipes with egg, vegetable, fish, mutton and chicken biryani are most popular ones. Any Pakistani dining table is incomplete without hyderabadi Biryani or Pulao dish. Your appetite enhances when you see some deliciously cooked Biryani or Pulao on it. Pakistani women are experts in cooking rice, pulao and biryani recipes; but in case you guys feel it is not enough then you can learn more recipes from this page.
You can check out the Rice, Biryani, & Pulao Recipes Video cooked by your favorite chefs in various cooking shows from this page. Click your favorite Biryani recipe video and watch every step of rice, biryani, and pulao recipes online by shireen anwar, chef zakir and other famous chefs. You can even see the Rice, Pulao, & Biryani Recipes video in English mentioned with all the ingredients and step by step method. Browse through this extensive page and get the latest collection of recipes online at your home. Plan your daily menu from our exclusive rice recipes.