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21 Apr, 2015 KSE Live Updates - KSE live updates for KSE 100 Index & all other shares details. All users can find KSE 100-Index live ticker for major updates. There are total 36 sectors listed in KSE. Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited (KSE), currently the biggest and most liquid stock exchange in Pakistan.

Apr 21, 2015 09:59
Market Symbols KSE100 Index AllShare Index KSE 30 Index KMI 30 Index
KSE 100 Index : BOP 9.14   0.2    PAEL 61.15   -0.08    JSCL 20.88   -0.31    EFOODS 146.1   2.66    TRG 20.46   0.27    FCCL 33.45   -0.06    MLCF 63.4   -0.19    PIBTL 35.1   0.44    KEL 7.62   -0.1    EFERT 84.45   1.5    DGKC 126.2   -0.52    ENGRO 288.61   -2.21    LPCL 16.2   -0.45    AKBL 21.0   0.1    HBL 185.25   0.23    HUMNL 14.0   0.11    NBP 59.0   0.38    PPL 179.0   -0.6    BAFL 28.0   0.02    NCL 38.7   -0.89    ABL 114.0   0.75    FABL 16.5   0.04    HCAR 222.75   -0.84    PTC 20.75   -0.06    NML 111.51   -0.32    UBL 171.5   0.02    CHCC 75.51   -1.72    FFBL 48.99   -0.01    SNBL 13.04   -0.36    LUCK 481.0   1.25    
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Karachi Stock Exchange

Karachi Stock Exchange Highlights Live 2015 - This is a dedicated page for KSE highlights, on this page users can see KSE 100, KSE 30, KSE all share index and KMI 30. KSE is the leading and most liquid exchange of the financial capital of Pakistan. The KSE offers variety of Pakistani as well as overseas listings. KSE is the second oldest stock exchange in South Asia currently located on I. I. Chundrigar Road, in the heart of Karachi's Business District. Back in 2002, Karachi Stock Exchange was declared as the "Best Performing Stock Market of the World" by Business Week and USA Today; the US newspaper termed Karachi Stock Exchange as one of the best performing bourses in the world.

KSE aims to become a leading financial institution, offering efficient, fair, and transparent securities market in the region. Finance provides KSE 100 index, KSE 30 index, live Karachi stock exchange index, KSE live rates, KSE analysis, data, stock price, announcements, and KSE online trading. KSE encompasses the advance and electronic trading system. The KSE-100 originated in 1991 and remains the most generally accepted measure of the Exchange to date. The KSE-100 is a capital weighted index and consists of 100 companies representing about 86 percent of market capitalization of the Exchange. It has 4 indices KSE 100, KSE 30, KSE all share index and KMI 30.

KSE Overview:
KSE is currently trading through an Electronic Trading System.
KSE is an Affiliate Member of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE).
KSE is Partnerships with Microsoft, Oracle and Unisys for I.T. infrastructure.


Comments on KSE - Karachi Stock Exchange

what is fate of akzo and hinoon after payout.please guide
mazhar nawaz khan Sun 19 Apr, 2015

I purchased 1000 shares of dada bhai cement shares at rs.80 per share in early nineties. During this span of 25 yrs. they have just paid a negligible devidend only once. Now per share price is nearing rs.3 only.what can be done against this loot as the masters of factories have established many other business through this loot but investors are ruined.
Nazeer ahmed Tue 14 Apr, 2015

Can any 1 guides me how to buy a shares I had never bought it before if any one can guide me can mail me ...thankyou
hassaan Tue 07 Apr, 2015

I bought FFBL at 48.47 (XD), advise needed, what will be the forecast of FFBL. what time i should be hold it ? for maximum profit. Thanks
Sarfaraz Anwar Thu 02 Apr, 2015

salam sir market me bying karna chahai kya plz batao
zubair Tue 31 Mar, 2015

please tell me about the future of can I hold them or sell these items, AICL, TREET, CSIL, ARUJ,CHCC,FCCL, FCC, GAIL, JVDC, NONS, PIBTL,PPL,HUMNL & DCL
Moham Mon 30 Mar, 2015

Any one can tell about ATRL and EPQL should i sell them or not ??
skhan Sun 29 Mar, 2015

short sell and be happy
Javed Sun 29 Mar, 2015

is there any news of Alshaheer (Meat One) IPO. If yes then when it is expected?
Hamza Fri 27 Mar, 2015

short selling karoo aur geo. kse artificial market hay
javed Fri 27 Mar, 2015

singer is best
khursheed Thu 26 Mar, 2015

meray nadan doosto ku nahi short selling kartay. meray remarks dekho isi web site per short selling kay mutalaq.
Javed Tue 24 Mar, 2015

MR. BAGLOOL ...Remember that little knowledge is dangerous specially in stock market ............. dividend announced by HUMNL is just 17 paisa .It is not 1.75 rupee ....The face value of HUMNL is not 10 rupee is just 1 rupee .
janaan Sat 21 Mar, 2015

Bob we know you are big investor and you own realestate in UAE your comments is very good we follow you so do not listen to poor day trader who have no cash money to play I am holding AICL this stock is gold mind and FCC keep us giving dividend and bonus all markets went down all over the world so what is the problem with these little daytrader STAY BLESS you and KAY KAY .
Raj Thu 19 Mar, 2015

janaan Thu 19 Mar, 2015

faisal sab agar dividend hi khan hai to GASF is best....35 pecent in year
zia Wed 18 Mar, 2015

Mr,BOB..It is the right time for you to take retirement. We don,t want to read you any more because we got enough losses in ADAMJEE INSURANCE .
janaan Wed 18 Mar, 2015

Dear Friends, plz study the market. If a share goes 1 rupee upward than it goes 2 rupee downward. Why you not short sell a share when it go up. I short shell lucky in future at 500, engro at 300. I have no tension to buy it back. I am waiting when lucky come to 450 and engro come to 260.
Javed Tue 17 Mar, 2015

Hahaha. Only short selling (Bhatta) not buying. Note my comments of 10th March.
Javed Mon 16 Mar, 2015

Please any prediction about ppl & pibtl????
tahir raja Mon 16 Mar, 2015

Jis k pass paysay hon. wo PIOC purchase kerlay. dividend khao jaan banao.
Faisal Arif Mon 16 Mar, 2015

Please tell me about HUMNL. I bought on 17.05
Saqlain Hashmi Sun 15 Mar, 2015

I sold my 100,000 at 56.55 and then I bought back at 56 but I am invester not a day trader I will hold my AICL and FFC these both stock is best higher paid divident and bonus stock Blue chip I am in Dubai don't need money so I will hold this for ever plus we do real estate scheem 33 we bought land for 9 now is 40 but we will hold till it cross 100,000.
Bob Fri 13 Mar, 2015

Thanks Mr. Ali for your tip of day to buy Burshane LPG Share. its really good.
Fatima Thu 12 Mar, 2015

dear BOB, Sorry to say more than three month you expecting AICL price above 72. when this share cross 72? no body know. you buy this share @ 56. unfotunately getting loss. you should not advised your brothers to follow the same road you do. please be sensible.
baglool Thu 12 Mar, 2015

AICL ek bohat achi insurance company hai. laykin last 175% bonus announce karnay k baad is ka capital margin bohat barh chuka hai. lihaza is ko buying karna filhal bewaqofi hai.
Faisal Arif Thu 12 Mar, 2015

Dear stockholder if you are Cash buyer just Hold on your stocks don't panics I bought AICL at 56 more then 100,000 I am holding any how board of meeting but I will hold this till it go 72 again no need to sell your blue chip these all are giving you bonus now FCC again good to buy at 133.
Bob Wed 11 Mar, 2015

Tip of the day buy (Burshane LPG Share) from oil & gas sector and earn profit.
Ali Wed 11 Mar, 2015

My dear Friends why do all not admit the fact that honeymoon period of kse is over. All shares are coming downward. Make your mind for short selling. Only short seller can survive in this market. 03325549235
Javed Tue 10 Mar, 2015

dear ARS. This is better to change your share with HUMNL. this is dividend paying share. you will get 1.75 RS per share dividend if you hold HUMNL till 30 march. long term this is solid share.
baglool Tue 10 Mar, 2015

plz tell me about lafarge i bought it at 18.20
ars Mon 09 Mar, 2015

AICL Hold wait for meeting do not sell on Lost this is good for investment like FFC give little more time best for dividend stock hold AICL.
Bob Sun 08 Mar, 2015

dear Farrukh there are two option you wait for AICL annual result which is expected in this month.if AICL give good result and divident this share sure cross 60. secondly you change AICL with SPEL or SYS. According to me both share should be +60 . i am in favour of second option.
baglool Sun 08 Mar, 2015

Anybody can tell about Saif power , is it the right time for buying for next 3 months ??
Umair Zafar Sat 07 Mar, 2015

Anyone Please guide about AICL. 55 pe buy kiya hai.
Farrukh Fri 06 Mar, 2015

m.yamin ghouri Wed 04 Mar, 2015

Thanks Mr, Farrukh for your trust. I try my best to give people in right current market condition my favourite shares are ,SPEL,SYS,GLAXO,GATM, BNWM,HCAR,HAL,IBLHL.Remember invastment period 3 TO 6 month.
baglool Wed 04 Mar, 2015

Dont buy kachra. look for volume yourself. Baglool, Kay Kay, Bob are the best.
Farrukh Mon 02 Mar, 2015

Dont trust stockmarket analyst. He is fake, he knows nothing. 90% of his tips are just wrong. I have been following him since a long time.
Farrukh Mon 02 Mar, 2015

can somebody provide me with the financial statement of oil and gas sector of Pakistan for year 2014?
aayan rehman Sun 01 Mar, 2015

stockmarketanalyst dir sir ( ISTM) ka AB kya further hea
naveedAli Fri 27 Feb, 2015

please tell me about ISTM(ishaq textile) and SAIF(ssaif textile).
muhammad Anas Fri 27 Feb, 2015

if some body has real analysis about jscl
nawaz Wed 25 Feb, 2015

dear sheikh sb think first after decide. buy only solid shares. and invest long term i mean 3 month to six month investment. then your your share sure fruitful for you. buy spel
baglool Tue 17 Feb, 2015

yeh kab barhay ga? 9/1/2015 buy EPCL (Engro Polymer and Chemicals Limited) at 12.65, primary take profit 15, secondary take profit 17.5
SShaikh Mon 16 Feb, 2015

i want long ter investment
hadogar Mon 16 Feb, 2015

dear MR.KAY KAY plz tell me your analysis about maple leaf cement , fauji cement and azgard nine sahres
sami Thu 12 Feb, 2015

Bob Bhai when will WTl Tele go up. All Markit Running and these. Shares. . Are Very llazy Just sleeping Do something to wake up and running Like others. Lazy both
Haifa Fri 06 Feb, 2015

4/2/2015 buy ISTM (Ishaq Textile Mills Limited) at 16.00, primary take profit 22, secondary take profit 28, long term take profit 42.
stockmarketanalyst (skype) Wed 04 Feb, 2015

What I buy my self I wrote but you all do your own homework and only play on cash if your stock came down just HOLD be patients ALLAH bless all of us Amin and thank you Tak .
Bob Tue 03 Feb, 2015

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