Zakat Calculator زکوٰۃ کیلکولیٹر
Bank Saving
Use amount held for 1 year
ایک سال سے بچائی ہوئی رقم استعمال کریں
Gold & Silver
Monetary value
پیسے کی قدر
Money owed to you
Deposits, loans you made
ڈپوزٹ٬ قرضے جو آپ نے دیے
2.5 % of zakat

Zakat Calculator Online - Zakat calculator 2016 will show the Zakat that is due on you, when you become Sahib e Nisab (7.5 Tola Gold/Sona or 52.5 Tola Silver/Chandi or cash amount or business commodity equal to 52.5 tola silver and one year passes over it. Zakaat is classified as the most significant pillar of Islam. It is levied on those who are categorized as ‘Sahib e Nisab”, the one who possess certain amount of wealth. Paying of Zakat is obligatory as it helps in making a balance between rich and poor in the society. In Shariah, 2.5% of your total wealth is the rate of Zakat. In case you are wondering how much amount of Zakat is obligatory on you; then this online Zakat calculator online is there for your assistance. The Zakat comprises of bank savings, gold & silver reserves, and cash you own. You can use the Zakat calculator online to get the accurate response instantly.

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Slaam Mere paas pichle ek saal tk 602000 rupey thy to mujh oe kitni zkat lazim ho gi
Imran Wed 28 Sep, 2016

thanks good info share Yeblii
ahsan Tue 20 Sep, 2016

I have 1.5 tola gold can zakat due to me ? Plz guide me thnx
Kamran Ahmed Sat 17 Sep, 2016

KHALID Wed 24 Aug, 2016

Mary pass 20 tolla gold ha kinta zakat Dana ha
Naila Thu 28 Jul, 2016

mery passs 7.5 tola sona ha is ki zakkaat banti ha kia? agar banti ha to ,,,, kitni banti ha zikaat plz tell me
shaheen Tue 26 Jul, 2016

I have 30 tola gold and one car Honda city for my family use please tell me how much Zukat
Shahid Fri 22 Jul, 2016

Mere pas 15 told gold hai or 100000 jama hai to muje kitna zakat dean hoga or is k elwah kuch nahi hai thanx
Zoya Fri 08 Jul, 2016

How much Gold and silver is exempted,If you have more than exempted quantity will zakat be due on full quantity or otherwise' If gold and silver is in regular use will be exempted or not. Moverover will zakat will be on purchased amount or on present value .
Ashfab Tue 05 Jul, 2016

Mery pas 66000 hazar hy us py ketni zakat banti hy
Arsalan Mon 04 Jul, 2016

Mery pas 7.5 tola gold h mujhy kuch samaj ni a rahi k kitni zakat h please bta dy
Ambreen Mon 04 Jul, 2016

I have 8 tola gold so how much I have to pay of zakat plz confirm me N I don't do job I am self employeed n lei img on rent with fmly no bank balance
Aliya Khan Fri 01 Jul, 2016

I have loan of 17lacs but also inhale gold in hand around 6.6lacs what will be my zakaat, Ajaz from Mumbai india
Ajaz Wed 29 Jun, 2016

aik tola sona ki qemat 48000 or chandi ki 700ho to aik lac 70 thousand py kitni zakat or 11 tola sona par or 60tola chandi +50000 py jo may ny question dia us k mutabiq jawab dain
atika Wed 29 Jun, 2016

I have only 5 tola gold nothing else is zakat will be applicable on me.
farhan Sat 25 Jun, 2016

i have only 3.5 tola gold nothing else is zakat will b applicable on me. kindly confirm me as soon as possible
tayyab Thu 23 Jun, 2016

I have 7.5 tola Gold and in the mean time I have to pay a handsome money to some one which I took as loan. What is I am suppose to do.
Ijaz Thu 23 Jun, 2016

Mery pas 15 toly gold hai but zakat kitni hogi mjhy samjh nhi arhi
Maria Wed 22 Jun, 2016

i have 3 plots and its only booked not transfered on my name as yet. Will the ZAKAT be deducted on these plots.
Zara Wed 22 Jun, 2016

I have 8 tola gold of 18 carat, from this I get pure gold less than 7 tola, is jakat applicable
Nishat Mon 20 Jun, 2016

10 tola gold
sadia Sun 19 Jun, 2016

Explain me that how is it
Ilyaskhankhalil Sun 19 Jun, 2016

There is no monthly income through out the year and I am widow but I have gold around 7.5 tola is zakat applicable
Fatima Sayed Sat 18 Jun, 2016

Like tou bnta hy. Very usefull
Nadeem Ahmed Sat 18 Jun, 2016

mere pas 13 tola gold hai.. jis me 4 tola bank me rakh k loan lya hai. isk elawa about 2 lakh mere oper cash ka qarza hai... kindly mjhe bataen k me sahib e hesyat hon? aghar hon to me kitni zakat ada karon..... shukrya
ubaid Rehman Fri 17 Jun, 2016

This zakat calculator has not been developed on proper criteria of concept of Zakat. It just calculates 2.5% of input value while ignore the concept of "sahib e nisab"... For example if I have Rs.5000 in savings, zakat doesn't apply apply to it.. means I don't have to pay zakat... because you must have 7.5 or above Tola gold or equivalent commodity (money etc.) to become "Sahib e Nisab" or zakat payer... Please correct me if I am wrong...
Ejaz Thu 16 Jun, 2016

Please me total zakat wajib snd me in pkr rs I have 2.5 tola gold and resident house What calculation of zakat us
Muhammad faisal Thu 16 Jun, 2016

best . but make it to download for free to use it every b one because everyone don't have net connection
Hikmat Ullah Thu 16 Jun, 2016

very easy to calculate the zakat by all means good effort ....GOD give jazahah ameen
umair siddiqui Tue 14 Jun, 2016

اس میں قرض جو دینا ہے ـ وہ شامل کیا جانا چاہئے
نعمان Sun 12 Jun, 2016

What is NaN?
imrajk Sun 12 Jun, 2016

Hmm , so nice and very easy to known the zakat payment, thanks for this calculation. Well keep it up
Noor e mehak Fri 10 Jun, 2016

it is very simple and helpful. thank you for making it for public use.
muhammad tariq Wed 08 Jun, 2016

Great. Very useful link
SHAAIR ALI Tue 07 Jun, 2016

How about the loan one has taken from bank e.g. House loan, Car loan, Credit card that is being deducted on monthly installment.
Masood Tue 07 Jun, 2016

i like it.
Rizwan Mon 06 Jun, 2016

I have my own small factory,shop,agriculture land but I use it as a farmhouse or u can say a picnic place no income from it.and my business loan which I give my coustomar at on my product.and some loan on me in running business,tell me how I calculate my zakat any which way and which things.and I also have a instalment plot and a insurance policies.
Imran hafeez Mon 06 Jun, 2016

Zakat Calculator is just simple but very helpful to calculate your Zakat but before that you have to find your whole amount including saving or any other form.
Ghafoor Tue 17 May, 2016

I just cant believe that we can now calculate the amount of Zakat levied on us by accessing this page. I simply loved it. Thanks for making this facility possible for us. Jazak Allah
Marium Wed 11 May, 2016

i use this site but unfortunately first time i found zakat calculator which is good and correct calculate and to assist us for accurate figure of zakat. thanks
gul khan Sat 07 May, 2016

Now you can calculate your Zakat online by using this Zakat Calculator. Just follow the template and view your Zakat amount with ease.
Omair Fri 06 May, 2016

Every year I spend much time to calculate Zakat but now I feel happy to check the Zakat Calculator on this page. Now I just check an estimate amount which this calculator deduct correctly.
ali Sat 30 Apr, 2016

for Zakat purpose, i need clearance of few things ... our account balance or savings does not mean savings since one year, but may also include the income of last month & so on upto the time one year before (so we may actually pay on the saving of exactly an year ago ?)... Secondly this is applicable on all assets combined right ? i mean some cash+some gold+owed amount = 7.5 tola than you must pay ???
Kashif Ali Fri 29 Apr, 2016

The complete table to calculate the actual rate of Zakat with low margin of error is very impressive on this page. With the help of Zakat calculator I also make an estimate of Zakat in ths year.
huma Fri 29 Apr, 2016

It is quiet difficult to deduct the actaul amount of Zakat from your limited amount but with the help of this Zakat Calculator you can easily deduct the amount without any error.
ijaz Tue 26 Apr, 2016

Zakat Calculator online service is truly incredible. I always wanted to know the exact amount of Zakat Levied on me but was unable to figure it out. Now I can do so online using the Zakat Calculator
Parveen Mon 25 Apr, 2016

I never thought that calculating Zakat could be that easy? I mean this is surely an amazing thing to do, calculate the amount levied on your earnings. Thank you I will surely check my Zakat amount from here
Iqbal Sat 23 Apr, 2016

Zakat calculator online service is available online for the working individuals and those who possess enough wealth to give Zakat to the needy! Check out how much Zakat is levied on you!
Kausar Sat 13 Feb, 2016

I never thought that someone can come up with such a brilliant idea of Zakat calculator online!! You can calculate your amount of levied Zakat on your salary or earnings easily. Highly recommended to all Muslims worldwide
Kaleem Thu 11 Feb, 2016

It is very helpful for me because my family give zakat monthly Alhamdulillah we have a great transport and gold business and we provide every month zakat for poor people
Emaan Tue 09 Feb, 2016

Zakat calculator online facility is superb that enables the eligible persons and salaried individuals to identify how much Zakat is levied on them. I think this facility is amazing for all of us!
Nida Tue 09 Feb, 2016

This calculator is very helpful for me Because I’ve a big family and i really have a problem with this issue and this calculator help me every time i want
ziya Thu 04 Feb, 2016

Zakat calculator online feature enables users like us to understand how much Zakat is levied on us. I am all glad to access this page and have accurately calculated the amont of Zakat on my savings. Have no words to thank you guys
Haris Thu 04 Feb, 2016

Zakat calculator online facility is superb in terms of helping the users to identify the amount of Zakat levied on them with respect to their current savings. Thank you for giving us this opportunity guys.
Jamshed Wed 03 Feb, 2016

many people face this problem in every year cause in every year our bank account and gold saving is increasing some times it decrease but many time it could be increase so this calculator abot how much you have and how much you should take for Zakat in this money and your gold
Siraj Tue 02 Feb, 2016

many people face this problem in every year cause in every year our bank account and gold saving is increasing some times it decrease but many time it could be increase so this calculator about how much you have and how much you should take for Zakat in this money and your gold
abdullah Mon 01 Feb, 2016

What an amazing service this page offers! You can calculate Zakat levied on your salary by just checking this page. Zakat Calculator should be checked by every Muslim in my opinion
Javed Fri 29 Jan, 2016

Islam is a religion that gives the message of love and peace. It wants its followers to live in peace and harmony in the world along with people of other religions and assist each other in making the world a better place. It is this moto of making the world a better place and helping others that Islam emphasizes on charity.
Sajjad Tue 26 Jan, 2016

Thanks for providing zakat calc and its useful information. It is plea and strong to Muslims, please pay Zakat when you become Sahibe Nisab. Thanks
Fajar Mon 25 Jan, 2016

This is surely the most amazing service that caters the accurate calculation of Zakat levied on your income. I would like to advice everyone to use this page for calculating Zakat!
Laraib Thu 21 Jan, 2016

Every item that has an assignable market value is subject to zakah. Diamonds and many other precious stones are now marketed by dealers who can determine their market value and exchange them for cash. Hence they are subject to zakah.
Irfan Thu 14 Jan, 2016

Please pay zakat everybody is our obligation, and also it is provide relief for humanity. Thanks
Ahmed Subhan Wed 13 Jan, 2016

In 2015 Zakat Nisab Calculation were; The State Bank of Pakistan on Tuesday fixed Nisab for the deduction of zakat from bank accounts at the start of holy month of Ramazan. According to a SBP announcement, Nisab has been set at Rs33,641. The SBP said that 2.5 percent Nisab-i-Zakat would be deducted from savings accounts holding Rs33,641 or more. Deduction of Nisab-i-Zakat will be only applicable to savings accounts and will not apply to current accounts. Nisab-i-Zakat will be deducted on the first day of Ramazan, which would fall either on Thursday (June 18) or Friday (June 19), depending on sighting of the moon. Nisab-i-Zakat for the previous year had been fixed at Rs38,810.
Ahmed Moeen Wed 13 Jan, 2016

Nisaab of cash, stock or bonds, other cash assets is the equivalent amount of Gold or Silver. Nisaab is calculated by adding up the cash value of all the assets such as gold, silver, currency etc. and if it is equal to or in excess of the minimum Nisaab as specified in the above table, the Zakat is due at the rate of 2.5%
Fahd Mon 11 Jan, 2016

It is nice to have Zakat calculator for Zakat nisab calculation, I used this calculator, it is fine and save lots of time as well. Zakat calculator for Pakistan and in Pakistani rupees it is just superb
Asif Fri 08 Jan, 2016

I want to know the Zakat Nisab? I used Zakat calculator, it is fine and save lots of time as well. Zakat calculator for Pakistan and in Pakistani rupees it is just superb.
Moeen Fri 08 Jan, 2016

Thanks for providing Zakat calculator for cash, gold and other , it is really easy to use and I understand all information regarding Zakaat nidab calculation. I always say this, please pay Zakah, it is our obligation, and it is our duty too, because being Muslim, Zakaat is a charity and very helpful for mankind.
Amjad Wed 06 Jan, 2016

Yes, it is nice Zakat Nisab calculator so far. I used this Zakaat calculation and find it the best and accurate.
Mansoor Wed 06 Jan, 2016

Very good information with Zakat Nisab Calculation. Thanks for providing such a complete and easy-to-use Zakaat calculator.
Tahir Tue 05 Jan, 2016

I always use Zakat calculator online for Pakistan provided by Hamariweb. It is nice platform for such a information, not only I calculate nisab of Zakaat but also aware some useful information regarding paying Zakah in Islam. Thanks once again for sharing this kind of info.
Meraj Uddin Mon 04 Jan, 2016

Zakat Nisab, when a person become Sahib e Nisab (7.5 Tola Gold/Sona or 52.5 Tola Silver/Chandi or cash amount or business commodity equal to 52.5 tola silver and one year passes over it
Fareed Khalid Fri 01 Jan, 2016

Thanks for providing Zakat calculator online.
Rafee Fri 01 Jan, 2016

I always use Hamariweb's Zakat calculator online, because I believe that it is correct and always show the result according to the Islamic Sahib-e-Nisab calculation. I also learn some Zakaat information, which is really useful not only me but also everyone.
Noman Wed 30 Dec, 2015

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