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Reviews & Comments on Dua Channel

The Dua TV channel give us the many dramas and live shows authentically who giving here with every repeat updates what we need to watch
narmeen, peshawar Thursday, May 30 2019

hmariweb is fantastic website because I search a lot for dua channel but no one website have such authentic information as on this website about dua channel.
emaan, queeta Wednesday, May 22 2019

What do politician think that raising the prices of everything will solve their issue this is wrong .this price increase will remain in Pakistan for at least five years
hadi, london Tuesday, April 30 2019

If you watch news channel and keep yourself updates is the best way to live your life and this website provides you all the TV channels about that
arshad, mandi Saturday, April 27 2019

In this TV channel of dua TV mine many family members watch many dramas very eagerly that has very interesting stories
dua, MULTAN Saturday, April 27 2019

when I was in Pakistan I daily watch dramas on dua but now I am in London and I missed all dramas then my sister suggest me this channel now I can easily watch all dramas.
akbar, wazirabad Friday, April 26 2019

Here give the good video result of dua channel that help us to get watch any news and drama with the good result without blasting pixels
ammara, peshawar Thursday, April 25 2019

I don’t know this channel but when I search for news I find this channel too good and authentic information, news.
kiran, bahawalpur Wednesday, April 24 2019

At this dua TV channel comes many live dramas and morning shows that many peoples watch that very eagerly with the good result of their video
AYAN, MULTAN Monday, April 22 2019

Now you can watch the live streaming of your favorite TV channel now on this website .it is very good initiative that live streaming of every Pakistani channel is provided here
umna, haydrabad Saturday, April 20 2019

With the bets online streaming this is the best channel which helps me so much to get the latest updates about each and everything I want to see Dua
Aqdas, islamabad Friday, July 13 2018

Whenever I have a holiday from my classes, I always come and listen to dua channel as it is very informative when it comes to religious talks and information.
Kiran, Punjab Thursday, June 28 2018

Mine mother wtahc this dua tv channel very interestingly because there come many shows who basses on the Islamic culture and many morning shows come in the daily morning
sheena, lahore Thursday, November 02 2017

Kindly take the serious action about the streaming of Dua Tv channel because I watch the various programs on this channel but missed for a few days.
hamid, khi Tuesday, March 28 2017

I set Dua Channel in my TV in top ten channel because this channel is quite helpful for the children to get the religious information and knowledge, I like it and my little daughter also watch this channel.
bilal, lhr Tuesday, March 14 2017

I don’t know about dua channel but I want to say that all channels work very well and every channel want o come on top list.
bilawal, bahawalpore Friday, February 17 2017

Dua channel is for religious souls who are looking for some authentic and informative programs. Thanks to the users of this page to make it happen for us online users.
Badar, Karachi Wednesday, January 04 2017

Every Friday on this TV channel comes the shows who tell us the main important and beautiful things about Islam which we don’t have any idea about that
zaman, pindi Monday, January 02 2017

Deep inspirational and religious shows broadcasts on Dua Channel are the major reason of its popularity. It is very famous channel.
waseem, layyah Saturday, December 31 2016

We can easily watch the preaches of famous Shia Scholars in Dua channel but this channel is only available in internet that is why I browse this web page when I want to watch this channel.
afsheen, khi Wednesday, December 28 2016

Dua Channel is recognized as the first-ever multilingual Islamic channel. Those who are looking for religious duas
komal, gujranwala Tuesday, December 27 2016

Dua channel is especially good for the Muslims children, I watch many times some religious show in Dua Channel. I think this channel is the best source to get Islamic knowledge and information.
ramsha, khi Saturday, December 24 2016

Hamariweb.com brings you Live Pakistan TV "Pakistan's First Online Licensed Live TV Streaming Provider" that gives you access to the world of entertainment, sports, business, religion, and current affairs.
naeem, maansehra Thursday, December 22 2016

In Moharram, I watch Majalis, Noaha, Marsiya and preaches of various Scholars in Dua Tv channel. Like Hadi Tv channel this channel is also a best source to get religious information and knowledge.
adeel, khi Tuesday, December 20 2016

Dua channel is one of the most regarded as one of the best Pakistani Islamic channel that broadcast some of the best religious shows that are informative and decent enough to make it to news.
ghashia, hydrabad Wednesday, October 19 2016

This is the very good working page who tells us the latest news channels who we don’t knows about that and usually I see surway on this page
shahid, karachi Tuesday, October 11 2016

Dua channel is one of the most regarded as one of the best Pakistani Islamic channel that broadcast some of the best religious shows that are informative and decent enough to make it to news.
Javed, Karachi Friday, August 26 2016

Those who are interested in watching soulful shows based on Shiaism can simply tune into Dua Channel. You can even watch this channel on live streaming here if your television does not show you.
Kamran, Lahore Thursday, August 18 2016

Dua channel live streaming is not working on my laptop. I think your service is down. Please fix it so we can watch our favorite channel without any issue. Thank you for your cooperation.
Jamal, Lahore Wednesday, August 17 2016

In the HamariWeb, the live streaming of Dua Tv channel is not working properly. Kindly please check it before starting the month of Ramadan.
Ikram , khi Friday, May 27 2016

Dua Channel

Watch Dua Channel live streaming today Tuesday, October 03 2023 online at hamariweb, enjoy all of the latest programs through Dua Channel live TV channel online live streaming. Watch your favorite programs on Dua Channel live TV online without any hassle. Along with Dua Channel, you can also watch Pakistan live TV streaming of other channels on their respective pages.

Dua Channel – Welcome to an Islamic TV channel of Fiqah e Jafari ya school of thought, Dua Channel. The channel’s programming list is based on ideology and practice of Ahlubayt (A.S.) and aims to spread the message of Islam. Dua Channel is recognized as the first-ever multilingual Islamic channel. Those who are looking for religious duas and supplications based on the teachings of Ahlubayt (A.S.) can access them here on Dua channel. This TV channel is named after the 10th Imam of Islam therefore it has immense influence and significance. Dua Channel aims to bridges the gap and communicates you with Allah Almighty and makes you connected to your religious roots. The channel broadcast the teaching of our all Holy Prophets and Imams. Deep inspirational and religious shows broadcasts on Dua Channel are the major reason of its popularity. These programs describe the true teaching of Hazrat Ali AS and its whole family. This channel is highly famous among Shia community of Pakistan and is followed during Muharam religiously.

Dua Channel enables you to watch the famous and mesmerizing dua of Hazrat Sajjad AS, dua related to Ahlulbayt AS (Dua e Tawasul), Dua of Imam Ali AS (Dua e Kumail), Dua e Nudbe, Dua e Ahd, Dua e Faraj to name a few. Catch the channel on regular basis to stay in touch with the religious information and duas. In case you are not home, then catch the live streaming and live updates about the channel online from this page.