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Reviews & Comments on City 42

sir i have been writing articles to newspaper on english as well international issues over the last 4 years. now iam desrirous to work with you voluntarily to contribute in enlightening the nation
fayaz khan, islamabad Friday, January 15 2021

عجیب سی بات ہے چارپانچ سال میں ترقی کرلی!
یہ سب اللہ اوراسکے رسولﷺسے محبت کانتیجہ ہے!انتہائی مبارک موت اوروہ بھی جمعہ کے دن ہوئ!انسان چاہے تودین اوردنیامیں بہت جلدترقی کرسکتاہے!بہت بڑاگہراسبق پنہاں ہے!
بعض اوقات ایک انسان دوسروں کی نظرمیں بُراہوتاہے لیکن وہ اللہ کے قریب ہوتاہے توکیاکوئی شک ہے کہ اسکی مغفرت نہیں ہوگی!نیک اعمال کاصلہ اس دنیا میں مل کررہتاہے !کسی بھی انسان کوحقیرنہ جانیں !
لاکھوں کامجمع یہ ظاہرکرتاہے کہ لوگوں کوآج بھی اپنے پیارے نبیﷺاوراللہ سے کتناپیارہے !بس کوئی لیڈرہوناچاہئے
مجاہدعلی , لاہور Saturday, November 21 2020

Credit goes to the management and every employee of the channel city 42, who make sure the coverage of the whole city at all levels.

GOOD LUCK for Future.
ASIM KHAN, LAHORE Saturday, November 21 2020

Nice channel ha Lahore ka.
Rashad Ali, Sahiwal Monday, May 25 2020

I want the video of dua often played on your channel plz kindly post it on your channel
Qurat ul ain , Lahore Tuesday, April 14 2020

Ya allah corona say sub ko mahfoz farma ameen
M. Faizan, Lahore Monday, March 23 2020

Previous day ki news kesy dkh sakte hain
Rashid Rana, Multan Tuesday, January 07 2020

Tv ki nishriyat 7am say nahi ati ls per tawaza day
Shafqat, Karachi Monday, December 02 2019

zaid sheikh, lahore Wednesday, November 20 2019

mashallah ,very nice tv
muhammad ishaq, lahore Thursday, November 07 2019

This channel is very good.i am satisfied your news.
Faisal ishaq, Lahore Wednesday, October 30 2019

nawaz sharif ke sehat plz
muhammad ishaq, lahore Tuesday, October 29 2019

very nice janab
muhammad ishaq, lahore Tuesday, October 29 2019

zinda bad

muhammad ishaq, lahore Tuesday, October 29 2019

good chanel
sajid iqbal, jahurabad Monday, October 14 2019

مولا سلامت رکھے اپکو
ghulam anwar warsi, lahoer Tuesday, September 17 2019

City 42 ki Kya Batt Hye( CITY 42 is BEST )
Asghar Sohail, Lahore Thursday, September 12 2019

مولا سلامت رکھے اپکو
Syed Farhan Abbas Shamsi, Lahore Tuesday, September 10 2019

City 41 channel transmission is going gd i am watching live majles and jalous kindly play majles which is live switch off back ground nohan play majless
Abeeha kazmi, Rwp Tuesday, September 10 2019

Hakeem sahab ka program kitnay boy on Hoya hai main in say bat kurna chati ho please phone no bi bats dain aur time bi kis waqat phone kurna hain
Azhar, Melbourne Tuesday, September 03 2019

if we want to watch one day previous news, from where, we can see ,?
dr farooq , Lahore Friday, August 16 2019

Allah k bando jin programs main aap calls lety hain, un ka recording time aur telephone number to awam ko bta do
Jesy shehr-e-hikmat
Malik Farooq Ahmed, Rawalpindi Wednesday, June 12 2019

Assalam o Alaikum Wa Rehmatul la he wa Barakataho, Hakeem sahab Chughtai ka program kitny bjy on hota hai?
Noor, Karachi Tuesday, June 11 2019

These are really nice guidance for us to get wtahc any news of this city 42 tv live news channel who give us the every news live streaming
eeman, HADRABAD Monday, May 27 2019

Here mention the every live update of this city 42 channel that give us the good chance to get watch any news in repeat from here
eeman, karachi Monday, May 27 2019

I can not watch the city 42 in the morning at 6.30 am kindly look it so we can watch the city 42 shafqat
Shafqat mehdi, Karachi Monday, May 06 2019

Pak Army & Pak Nevi & ISI & Gumnaam Hero Zindabad & Pakistan Zindabad
Walayat Ali Shah, Jeddah Saudi Arab Saturday, March 23 2019

پاکستان آرمی زندہ باد ہمیں فخر ہے ہم پاکستانی ہیں اللہ پاک ہمارے ملک کو قیامت تک آباد رکھے پاکستان زندہ باد ہے زندہ باد رہے گا ہماری جان ہے پاکستان ہمارا ایمان پاکستان
شمن کھوکھر , نوشہرو فیروز سندھ Thursday, March 07 2019

Now I can easily watch the city 42 live by this online way that gives the every news authentically about the politics and the other things
aneeqa, lahore Thursday, March 07 2019

Usually I can watch the city 42 live channel for watching the any news and the any updates about the strikes and the many other things
sayqa, HYDERABAD Wednesday, March 06 2019

City 42

Watch City 42 live streaming today Thursday, September 16 2021 online at hamariweb, enjoy all of the latest programs through City 42 live TV channel online live streaming. Watch your favorite programs on City 42 live TV online without any hassle. Along with City 42, you can also watch Pakistan live TV streaming of other channels on their respective pages.

City 42 - A channel dedicated to cater the latest news, top stories, and current affairs of the heart of Pakistan. Based in Lahore city, City 42 News deals with the local domestic news prevailing in the city of Lahore and surrounding areas. Political talk shows, current affairs, city related issues including water, electricity load shedding, metro bus station, and other top stories of Punjab government is catered and broadcast by channel City 42. The channel is the best source of information and news about the city of Lahore. The events, latest happenings in the city and upcoming attractions are being telecast and discussed in their live shows. From current affairs to infotainment, City 42 news live has an access to everything linked to Lahore.

The online fans of City 42 News live can watch the live streaming of their favorite channel without the disturbance of long buffering. HamariWeb brings you a golden opportunity to watch City 42 News live streaming anywhere with ease. Log on to HamariWeb and facilitate from this opportunity.