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 Reviews on Religious Poetry, Ghazals & Shayari
 " پلٹنا " 
Masha Allah ...... Jazak Allah HU Khair
By: farah ejaz, Karachi on Jan, 15 2018
 " پلٹنا " 
Hi, now you are poet. good message keep it up yar.
By: Sara, Karachi on Jan, 13 2018
لبیک لبیک اقصی لبیک
By: پلوشہ نیلم, کراچی on Dec, 31 2017
Masha Allah bohoth umda ...... her shair us ki kibrayee biyaan kerta mehsoos horaha hay .... Jazak Allah Hu Khair
By: farah ejaz, Karachi on Dec, 12 2017
 توبہ کا در رہے سدا کھلا 
توبہ کا در، سدا رہے کھلا
By: uzma, Lahore on Dec, 12 2017
beautiful. keeeeeeeeep it up. Allah subhana-o-tala will help you in this world and hereafter.
IN-SHAH-ALLAH and Allah subhana-o-tala will also help all the muslim in here and hereafter.
By: Sister ABDULLAH, karachi on Dec, 10 2017
GOOD poetry.
" Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the dominion, and He is Able to do all things ."SURAH AL-MULK
By: Palvisha , karachi on Dec, 10 2017
By: Palvisha , karachi on Dec, 10 2017
  " شکوہ " 
very very beautiful and with deep meaning in it.
keep it up. ummy Bilal
By: karachi daughter, MAKKAH on Dec, 10 2017
 " نخلستان " 
wonderful, beautiful and meaningful
ummy Bilal keep it up........Allah subhana-0-tala will give a success of this world and also the success of hereafter
By: I love ISLAM, MAKKAH on Dec, 10 2017