Bedili Se Hansne Ko Khush-Dili

Poet: Pirzada Qasim
By: Haris, Lahore

Bedili Se Hansne Ko Khush-Dili Na Samjha Jaye
Gam Se Jalte Chehre Ko Raushni Na Samjha Jaye

Gaha Gaha Wahshat Main Ghar Ki Simt Jata Hun
Isko Dasht-E-Hairat Se Wapsi Na Samjha Jaye

Lakh Khushguman Duniya Bahimi Talluq Ko
Dosti Kahen Lekin Dosti Na Samjha Jaye

Ham To Bas Ye Kahte Hain Roz Jine Marne Ko
Ap Chahen Kuch Samjhen Zindagi Na Samjha Jaye

Khak Karne Walon Ki Kya Ajib Khwahish Thi
Khak Hone Walon Ko Khak Hi Na Samjha Jaye

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About the Author: Haris

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i have never heard about this poet Pirzada Qasim, who is he and from where she belongs i mean i want to know about her history..
By: Naila, khi on Sep, 08 2015
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Great but i think one should stay away from this type of poetry Pirzada Qasim did great job but this type of poetry add more in sadness
By: Nighat, Khi on Sep, 08 2015
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