Ibtadaae Ishq Hai Rota Hai Kya

Poet: Mir Taqi Mir
By: Ahmed Arif, Islamabad

Ibtadaae Ishq Hai Rota Hai Kya,
Aage Aage Dekhiye Hota Hai Kya.

Qafile Mein Subah Ke Ek Shor Hai,
Yaani Ghaafil Ham Chale Sota Hai Kya.

Sabz Hoti Hi Nahin Yeh Sar Zamin,
Tukhm-E-Khwahish Dil Mein Tu Bota Hai Kya.

Yeh Nishaan-E-Ishq Hain Jaate Nahin,
Daagh Chhaati Ke Abas Dhota Hai Kya.

Ghairat-E-Yousaf Hai Yeh Waqt-E-Aziz,
Mir Isko Raigaan Khota Hai Kya.A

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About the Author: Ahmed Arif

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Bhai ye sher galat he
Iss ka pehla misra khuch yu he
Ye rah-e-dor-eshq he rota he kia
By: Muhammad Faisal, Sahiwal on Apr, 15 2016
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The poetry of Mir Taqi mir is very famous specially this "Ibtadaae Ishq Hai Rota Hai Kya" is a very old collection that Is why every one knows that it is the collection of Mir Sahab, I love the romantic poetry.
By: ayaz, khi on Aug, 21 2015
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Mir played vital rool in urdu petry. He has done the work as no one can never do. His poertry is too dynamic and deep. It can change a life of a person or can portrait the feeling of a man we he never knows how to express his feeling.

WE take this poetry a for fun but for me it is great source to learn from mistakes and move towards improvement.
By: shan, Gujranwala on Nov, 06 2013
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