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Recitation of poetry is deeply regarded for expressing your true feelings. It has been observed that Urdu poets in the past used to say poetry that depicts the social, cultural surroundings of their era. Last Updated on Sunday, December 04 2016... Read more
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 Reviews on Urdu Poetry
nice thinking
By: Abdul Rahman Hashmi, Sargodha on Dec, 02 2016
nice bro
By: rahi, Karachi on Dec, 02 2016
 میرے آقا ﷺنے اُسے بھی اپنا بنایا ہے 
By: kashif imran, Mianwali on Dec, 02 2016
 ہم وہ بے درد ہیں کہ خواب لٹا کر بهی جنہیں نیند آجاتی ہے 
Thanks Dear
By: Rania Ch, Lahore on Dec, 02 2016
 محبت کو مرتے ہوئے دیکھا تھا 
Thanks abrish anmol
By: Faheem Shayar, Karachi on Dec, 02 2016
 Abhi Kuchh Din Lagenge Khwab Ko Tabir Hone Men
I read the many poetries of asghar nadeem poetries because he is the only poet which tread the poetries by heart and peoples are really like that
By: saddam, Karachi on Dec, 01 2016
 اس شرط پہ کھیلوں گی پیا پیار کی بازی  
Sometimes I read the poetries by this site because this is the only side which gives me the Urdu poetries with beautiful feeling
By: zara, quita on Dec, 01 2016
 دسمبر! تیرے آنے سے پہلے 
Man beautiful poetries are available on this page because they all are the romantic pieties and which I really like to read
By: safina, panjab on Dec, 01 2016
 "D for Drone"
Usually I read the poetries by this site specially this English poetries because this is the very good thing for increasing the language of English
By: saima, thatta on Dec, 01 2016
 Mere Samne Jab Uhs Ka Shabab
I love to read the romantic poetries and sometimes I dedicate the some poetries to mine wife because she is the is the only person who I love soo much
By: sarina, lahore on Dec, 01 2016