Keh Do Gham-e- Husain Manany Walon Ko

Poet: Allama Iqbal
By: Ziaullah, Raiwind

Keh Do Gham-E- Husain Manany Walon Ko
Momin Kbhi Shaheed Ka Matam Nhi Krte

Hy Ishq Apni Jan Se Zyada Aal-E-Rasol Se
Yun Sar-E-Aam Hum Unka Tamasha Nai Krty

Roein Wo Jo Munkir Hain Shahadat-E-HUSSAIN K
Hum Zinda-O-Javaid Ka Matam Nahi Kertay

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Print Article Print 14 Nov, 2013
About the Author: Ziaullah

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Khatil kabhi maqtool ka matam nahi karte...ALLAMA Iqbal
By: Sharique Rizvi, Bihar on Feb, 26 2018
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I would say only one sentence "This writing style can never belong to Allama Iqbal" Iqbal did not write a single word in this common way. Iqbal's single word is impossible to be understood by a common man. Kahan to ye aam se alfaz
By: SK, Islamabad on Dec, 11 2017
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Dear writer kindly share the name of book of Allama Iqbal in which he wrote hum zinda o javed ka matam nahee kartay
By: Mohsin, Lahore on Nov, 21 2017
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This poetry is falsely attributed to Allama iqbal. Gham e Hussain is the soul mankind. How can one not cry after listening to all those mazalim on Hazrat Hussain. Only a stone can't respond to the tragedy of Karbala. We can,t handle it , it,s the soft heartedness that our cries come out. That makes us soft towards humanity as well. I request to re,ove it immediately.
By: Qarib Rubab, Islamabad on Nov, 19 2017
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Ay sabā ay payk-e-dūr uftādagān,
Ashk-e-mā bar khāk-e-pāk-e-oo rasān

Iqbal’s intense love for and faith in Imam Husayn is apparent from this couplet. Fondly addressing himself to the breeze, which proverbially carries the message of the lover to the beloved, who is at a remote place. Iqbal asks her to carry his tears to the sacred tomb of Imam Husayn. Dr Iqbal weeps in sad and blessed memory of Imam Husayn and wishes to place his tears over his Imam’s grave.
By: Hussain, Raipur on Sep, 24 2017
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Allah ap ko hidayat dy :(
By: Syed Furqan, Bhakkar on Sep, 23 2017
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Bhaiyon ya Allama Iqbal ke sher nai han. Allama Iqbal ka Asli Sher Ya ha:-
Apna koi marta ha to rote ho tarap kar,
par fakte paghamber ka kabhi gham nai karta,
himat ha to mahshar me paghamber se ya kehna
ham zinda o jaweed ka matam nai karta.
By: Muhammad Ali, Rawalpindi on Jun, 12 2017
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Exactly -sir -- The verses above are falsely attributed to Hazrat Allama Iqbal ra - who was a great lover of Ahlul Bait as - In fact as to my knowlege , the verses against matam e Husain as were forged by Moulvi Mushtaq during tabarra agitation in the 40s during british raj in India -Moulvi Mushtaq was an agitator paid by british to create chaos among muslim communities - but these movements came to an end with the declaration of second world war where british themselves got busy --Their aim was to remain in India as long as possible therefore using their patent strategy "devide and rule "- They feared the Khilafat movement launched by Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar and Maulana Shaukat Ali Jauhar -and wanted to create misunderstandings among the people of India who had lived like brothers for centuries - Unfortunately it is revolting to realize that beautiful poem in honour of Hazrat Imam Husain as , the beloved grandson of our Holy Prophet sawas -by our our national thinker have been misused by hate mongers to create discord --I remember having read a few lines of denial a couple of years ago by Iqbal Academy sending a warning to people who are still misquoting his poem
By: Saida HAIDER, PARIS on Nov, 09 2017
Bhai iska refernce btana
By: Syed Ali, Lahore on Oct, 01 2017
its not a poetry of allama iqbal.
By: syed abbas hasan, raebareli on Apr, 29 2017
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This is not Dr.Allama Iqbal shayri unhone kaha tha ki
Qatil kabhi maqtool ka matam nahi karte
By: syed murtaza, saharanpur (UP) on Dec, 31 2016
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Tmam Bhaion ko assalam o alaikum bat asal main ye hai k jis jis ka bus chalta hai wo apny MATLAB k liey kisi ar ki poetry allama iqbal sahb k khaty main laga deta hai allama iqbal sb ne to imam Hussain a.s k mission ko agy chalaya hai ar un k kirdar ko in directly apni poetry main jagaya hai
By: kamran haider, chakwal on Dec, 28 2016
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yeh malik k kam hain g,kisi k zimay hussain k gham yad kr k rona lga dia aur kisi k zimay apne e dum k zakhmon pe rona,chon k rona to fitri jazba g
By: nazimshah, sargodha on Nov, 20 2016
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Dr. Allama Iqbal ka sheir hay..
Matam e hussain (as) ibadat hay..
Aur is ke mukhalifat yazeedion ke shararat hay..

Aur iqbal farmatey hain..

Dil main hay mujh bey amal kay daag -e- ishq -e- Ahle bait (as)..
Dhondta phirta hun zill -e- daman -e- haider kay liye..

Roney wala hoon shaheed -e- karbala kay gham main main..
Kia dur -e- maqsad na dein gay saqi -e- kosaar mujhay..
By: Ali Zohaib, Faisalabad. on Sep, 08 2016
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By: WASEEM KHAN, LAHORE on Jun, 20 2016
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agreed coz there is no refernce .............
By: HassaN , Raiwind on Aug, 14 2016
Salaam alaikum to everyone...! App sab mashallah acha ilm rakhte hai bas main itna jaanta hun Rona har musalman ka hatiyar hai Matam buzdili ka ikraar hai..
By: Syed Yousuf, Hyderabad on May, 03 2016
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bhai yeh lines allama iqbal ny nhi blky taqi usmani ny likhen hn.
By: Afrasiab Ali, Faisalabad on Nov, 10 2016
This is alama Iqbal:
"hey is ki tabiat mei, taShai’o bhe zara sa."

Ronay wala hoon Shaheed-e-Kerbala key gham men main,
Kya durey maqsad na dengey Saqiye Kausar mujhey
By: Z, Odense on Nov, 09 2015
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[10/21, 07:05] There Is ONE GOD☝🏻: Tu Ne Puchi Hai Imamat Ki Haqeeqat Mujh Se
Haq Tujhe Meri Tarah Sahib-e-Asrar Kare

What Guidance signifies you wish to know, 
Insight, like me, may God on you bestow!

Hai Wohi Tere Zamane Ka Imam-e-Barhaq
Jo Tujhe Hazir-o-Mojood Se Bezar Kare

He is true guide and teacher of your age, 
Who can with present fill your mind with rage.

Mout Ke Aaeene Mein Tujh Ko Dikha Kar Rukh-e-Dost
Zindagi Tere Liye Aur Bhi Dushwar Kare

By showing the face of Friend in looking glass, 
May make your life more onerous and crass.

De Ke Ehsas-e-Zayan Tera Lahoo Garma De
Faqr Ki Saan Charha Kar Tujhe Talwar Kare

He may make your blood seethe with sense of harm 
And on faqr’s whetstone may to sword transform.

Fitna-e-Millat-e-Baiza Hai Imamat Uss Ki
Jo Musalman Ko Salateen Ka Prestar Kare!

Such guidance means revolt ’against Lustrous Creed 
That makes the Muslims bow to kingly breed.

Allama Iqbal
(Zarb-e-Kaleem-049) Imamat
[10/21, 07:17] There Is ONE GOD☝🏻: Allama Iqbal
(Zarb-e-Kaleem-017) Touheed (توحید) Oneness Of God

Zinda Quwwat Thi Jahan Mein Yehi Touheed Kabhi
Aaj Kya Hai, Faqat Ek Masla-e-Ilm-e-Kalaam

Tauhid has been a living  force in the days bygone;
What is it these days?  Merely a topic of theology. 

Roshan Iss Zou Se Agar Zulmat-e-Kirdar Na Ho
Khud Musalman Se Hai Poshida Musalman Ka Maqam

If its glory doesn’t make the darkness of character  radiant,
 Muslim cannot judge his  elevated position. 

Main Ne Ae Meer-e-Sipah! Teri Sipah Dekhi Hai
‘QUL HU WALLAH’ Ki Shamsheer Se Khali Hain Nayam

Chief of warriors, I have  witnessed your array;
Their sheaths are devoid of  the sword of Say:'He is Allah'

Aah, Iss Raaz Se Waqif Hai Na Mullah, Na Faqeeh
Wahdat Afkar Ki Be-Wahdat-e-Kirdar Hai Kham

Ah! Neither mullah nor faqih envisages the fact that
Unity of thought without  unity of action is imperfect. 

Qoum Kya Cheez Hai, Qoumon Ki Imamat Kya Hai
Iss Ko Kya Samjhain Ye Bechare Do Rakat Ke Imam!

What is a nation, or how to  lead it?—
What clue these leaders of  prayers could have of that!
By: Zubair, Pune on Oct, 23 2015
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Allama Iqbal said:
Bayan sir-e-shahadat ki agar tafseer ho jaye
Musalmano ka qibla Roza-e-Shabbir ho jaye
Masjid ki safon se kabhi maqtal ki taraf dekh
Tauheed tujhay shabbir kay sajdon mein milay gi
Mita do zulm wahan se jahan jahan bhi dikhay
Is se behtar nahi hoga inteqam-e-Husain
By: Fahim, jaipur on Oct, 10 2015
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aaj bhi humare zikr me hussain (raz)zinda hain ,lekin humare andar hussainiyat zinda nahi.
jaise ki Wo karbala me sar katanewala humara koi nahi.
Agar hussain (raz) se saccha ishq hota,
ghamo ke daawe karne wale amal se khali na hote.
By: riyaz ahmed, bangalore on Oct, 23 2015
Batil Ke Samne Jisne Haq Ki Dawat Ko Pasand Kiya...
JAri Jung Me Bhi Sirf Ibadat Ko Pasand Kiya......
Chahata To Bait Karleta 72 Ko Lekar Hazaro Ke Samne...
Par Wo Husain Tha Husain Jisne Sirf Shahadat Ko Pasand Kiya......
By: Shaikh Abdul, Pusad Dist Yavatmal Maharashtra on Oct, 15 2015
allama iqbal was a great poet. he was sunni but from his poetry it looks he was total shia...
By: Fahim, jaipur on Oct, 10 2015
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Agar rthai hai ghamai Hussain a.s mai kaynath sari
tou kio na ham bi royai
agar khuda bakhsh saktha hai gunah ko Apnai Rasool saw kai muhabath mai
tou kio na ham matham karai apnai sar-kar kai dard mai
jam e shahadath shaihad sai bi hai shirin aur qismath walo ko hotha hai nosh
tou kio manayai gham agar dua karthai hai ham khod shahadath ki
ek din tou sab ko lotna padaiga bananai wallai kai paas
tou kio na shahadath kai jam nosh karthai jayai
Dushmanai matham e Hussain a.s walo ja kai pahlai farq karo
kai kya ham apnai Moulla ki shahdath pai rothai hai yaa won ki baibasi/lachargi ki khatir
By: Mushtaq, melbourne on Mar, 25 2015
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Agar Matam or roona haram hai ... toh Yaqoob (a.s)ny q 42 saal ro ro k guzar diya yahan tak unki ankhon ki roshni b khatam hogye thi.....
Gham ay Hussain(a.s) har kisi ki kismat main nahi hota mere bhai ...
or hum b roya gay tab tak jab humara Yousaf
Jo 1000 saaal say gaya hai wapis ajaye ...
By: arif khan, islamabad on Jan, 04 2015
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Janab wo shaheed nhi hue the aur yaqoob (a.s) bs akele me roya krte the matam nhi krte the
By: Sayyed Kamran, Azamgarh on Aug, 02 2015
Geo geo Salamat raho
By: naushad, bombay on May, 09 2015
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