Harming Pakistan’s national interests is PTI’s agenda: Marriyum

SuchTV  |  Jun 07, 2023

Harming Pakistan’s national interests is PTI’s agenda: Marriyum
In a statement, she said that the conspiracy to block US military aid to Pakistan was part of the May 9 arsons attacks conspiracy.

The minister said that it was mission of the PTI to harm Pakistan’s economic, defense and national interests and foreign funding worth billions of rupees was done for accomplishment of this unholy mission.

She remarked that a media campaign was carried out inside and outside the country with the same foreign funded money.

“A social media network was created with foreign funding through which a campaign is being conducted against Pakistan’s constitutional and defense institutions and their leadership”, she maintained.

She said that dirty propaganda was being spread abroad against the leadership of Pakistan forces and martyrs.

The nation would never forgive the anti-Pakistan agenda and its agents as the people had recognized the difference between politics and anti-nationalism, the minister added.

The cipher drama and May 9 arson attacks were two stages of the same conspiracy, she said.

Marriyum opined that the people of Pakistan were fully aware about the propaganda against the United States in the name of cipher and begging for help from America after May 9 tragedy.

The minister stated that the strict conditions of the IMF programme signed by the Imran regime and then its violation by the PTI were part of this agenda to force Pakistan to compromise over vital national interests.

She said a puppet was installed in power to implement this systematic conspiratorial agenda.

The minister said that Imran Khan when in power stopped progress on China Pakistan Economic Corridor, compromised on Kashmir, gave shelter to terrorists and now he was on a mission to stop military aid to Pakistan.

Under this agenda, she continued, Pakistan’s close, trusted and always helpful friendly countries were offended by the previous regime, she added.

The minister said that the so-called human rights campaign in the foreign media was actually a continuation of this nefarious agenda in order to stop international aid to Pakistan and put pressure on the army.

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