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RIYADH - Saudi Arabia’s anti-extremism Etidal centre has hosted French Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, authorities said, a rare visit as the crown p .. Read More

BAGHDAD - Iraqi Air Force on Thursday carried out airstrikes on the positions of Islamic State (IS) militants inside Syria near the border, the Iraqi .. Read More

In Saudi-Arabia, four security officers have been shot dead in an attack on their check post in Asir province.Saudi-owned Al Arabiya TV said one gunma .. Read More

MBABANE, Swaziland - The king of Swaziland, one of the world’s few absolute monarchs, announced on Thursday that his country had changed its nam .. Read More

HAVANA - Cuba marked the end of an era Thursday as Miguel Diaz-Canel was formally elected as the country’s new president, becoming the first lea .. Read More

BERLIN - About 500 lawmakers from Germany, France and Britain on Thursday urged the US Congress to support the Iran nuclear deal which President Donal .. Read More

WASHINGTON - US President Donald Trump said he is hopeful about his forthcoming meeting with Kim Jong Un, top leader of the Democratic People's Republ .. Read More

Kim Drops Major Denuclearization Condition, Says South Korea   Seoul (April 20, 2018): North Korea has dropped its long-held demand that the United St .. Read More

MOSCOW - Moscow on Thursday accused British secret services of poisoning ex-spy Sergei Skripal in order to discredit Russia. “British secret ser .. Read More

PARIS - France’s highest administrative court has upheld a decision to deny a French passport to an Algerian Muslim who refused to shake hands w .. Read More

Alexandre MARCHAND - The Muslim nomads who lead their goats, cows and horses up and down the hills in held Kashmir have never felt at ease in modern I .. Read More

BISHKEK - Kyrgyz President Sooronbai Jeenbekov signed a decree to dismiss the cabinet after lawmakers overwhelmingly passed a no-confidence vote again .. Read More

Trump Voices Hope Koreas Can Live ‘Together’ In ‘Peace’Web Desk(April 19, 2018): US President Donald Trump voiced hope Wednesd .. Read More

Shots Fired At UN Team In SyriaDamascus (April 19, 2018): A United Nation security team came under fire in Syria while doing reconnaissance for inspec .. Read More

A court in Cambodia on Thursday declined to grant bail to two journalists who have been charged with espionage for filing news reports to a US-funded .. Read More

When a Dutch right-to-die group said in February it would make good on its promise to help members buy a cheap and painless suicide powder dubbed R .. Read More

A shallow earthquake brought down hundreds of poorly built buildings in Indonesia, forcing more than 2,000 people to flee their homes, rescue official .. Read More

A volcano in Japan erupted on Thursday, shooting clouds of smoke and rocks into the sky, and prompting authorities to ban access to the peak, but ther .. Read More

Police in the Armenian capital Yerevan detained dozens of anti-government demonstrators on Thursday — the seventh day of large-scale protests ag .. Read More

The French parliament votes Friday on a tough immigration bill that has sparked rumblings of revolt within President Emmanuel Macron’s party, wi .. Read More

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this person is responsible for massacres he kill my grandfather he's also responsible for thousands of death he's devil himself God doesn't want him in the masjid ... View News
Jimmy, D.C. 24 Sep, 2017

Scientists say, by 2050 we won't have enough food worldwide. But of course this situation will not occure from one year to the other. First, foods will become more expensive, some years later some foods will disappeare from our supermarkets' shelves. Some poorer countries will be affected sooner, richer countries will be affected later. And it seems that some countries are affected already today. Egypt already seems to have a similar problem. What are the reasons for the lack of food? - Overpopulation. The world population is already very high. This causes a lot of further problems. And unfortunatelly the population is still growing, especially in Sout Asia and Africa. - Overfishing. Unfortunatelly not a new problem. - Climate change. Causing rainfall decline over subtropical land and expanding deserts. Crop failures because of extreme wheater conditions. If we are able to reduce the world population, a lot of further problems would be solved automatically too. I am ready to help. ... View News
entrance, st. pölten 25 Nov, 2016

These people have been equipped and organised by the US and west to malign Islam. ... View News
, 31 Jan, 2016