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The killing of Osama Bin Laden is no secret to the world, despite various accounts and statements from US officials who carried out the operation on t .. Read More

CAIRO - Masked gunmen attacked a bus carrying Coptic Christians on a visit to a monastery south of the Egyptian capital on Friday, killing at least 28 .. Read More

MANCHESTER - Britain has arrested a "large part" of the network behind Manchester's suicide bomb attack, police said on Friday, as the government came .. Read More

TAORMINA, Italy - G7 leaders on Friday found common cause on combatting terrorism after the bloodshed in Manchester but failed to bridge a gulf betwee .. Read More

BEIRUT - A US-led coalition air strike on the eastern Syrian town of Mayadeen early Friday killed at least 80 relatives of Islamic State group fighter .. Read More

WASHINGTON: Tommy Arthur was executed late Thursday after his eighth, and final, rendezvous with the US state of Alabama's capital punishment system. .. Read More

ADEN: Two freelance cameramen were killed in rebel shelling of the outskirts of Yemen's third city Taez on Friday as they filmed fighting with governm .. Read More

DHAKA : Violent protests broke out Friday in Bangladesh over the removal of a controversial justice statue deemed "un-Islamic" by religious hardliners .. Read More

“The London fire brigade were called to put out a blaze at Wimbledon on Friday,” the All England Club said.Photographs posted on social me .. Read More

Japan's Sharp Corp (6753.T) on Friday forecast its first net profit in four years following cost-cutting under new Taiwanese owner Hon Hai Precision I .. Read More

Shopkeepers down the hill from where world leaders are meeting boarded up their windows and doors on Friday, bracing for a protest march along the sea .. Read More

At least 18 service members of the Afghan National Amy (ANA) were killed, 16 wounded and four others were taken away by the Taliban after a group of f .. Read More

A British student, who left a homemade bomb packed with ball bearings and shrapnel on a London underground train on its way to the Canary Wharf financ .. Read More

COLOMBO: Floods and landslides in Sri Lanka have killed at least 91 people while dozens are missing after torrential rain, officials said on Friday, a .. Read More

CAIRO: Gunmen killed 23 Coptic Christians and wounded 25 others on Friday as they were driving to a monastery in Minya province, south of Cairo, the p .. Read More

KABUL: Heavily pregnant at 16 after being raped by an insurgent commander, Malala was on the brink of committing suicide when she found refuge and hop .. Read More

Bangladesh hasremoved a controversial statue depicting a goddess of justice outside its Supreme Court today that religious hard-liners had deemed &ldq .. Read More

BEIJING: Chinese activists say they fear intensified state surveillance after a draft law seeking to legitimize monitoring of suspects and raid premis .. Read More

Iran claims to have built a third underground ballistic missile production facility and says it will continue developing its missile program, a move t .. Read More

They are mothers, daughters, wives -- and suicide bombers: an Arab television drama timed for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan tells the untold storie .. Read More

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Scientists say, by 2050 we won't have enough food worldwide. But of course this situation will not occure from one year to the other. First, foods will become more expensive, some years later some foods will disappeare from our supermarkets' shelves. Some poorer countries will be affected sooner, richer countries will be affected later. And it seems that some countries are affected already today. Egypt already seems to have a similar problem. What are the reasons for the lack of food? - Overpopulation. The world population is already very high. This causes a lot of further problems. And unfortunatelly the population is still growing, especially in Sout Asia and Africa. - Overfishing. Unfortunatelly not a new problem. - Climate change. Causing rainfall decline over subtropical land and expanding deserts. Crop failures because of extreme wheater conditions. If we are able to reduce the world population, a lot of further problems would be solved automatically too. I am ready to help. ... View News
entrance, st. pölten 25 Nov, 2016

These people have been equipped and organised by the US and west to malign Islam. ... View News
, 31 Jan, 2016