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US scientists have developed a new technology related to DNA, which is known as genetic word processor.This technology enables to accurately re-write .. Read More

A five-day "70th International Astronautical Congress", conference has been kicked off in Washington D.C. on Monday.The aim of the conference is to di .. Read More

The 18 propeller vehicle, developed by German firm Volocopter and with a pilot onboard for safety during the test flight, took off from a promontory a .. Read More

China says that it aims to become a great power in the online world, taking a swipe at the United States on trade.In his keynote address at the annual .. Read More

US astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir have made history after completing the first all-women spacewalk.They spent over seven hours outside the .. Read More

New research shows that human 'mini-brains' develop more slowly than those of other primates.'Mini-brains' are miniature collections of cells that all .. Read More

According to American Heart Association, there is growing evidence that hookah smoking affects heart rate and blood pressure and their chronic use lin .. Read More

More than two-hundred square meters of our bodies -- including the digestive tract, lungs, and urinary tract -- are lined with mucus.In recent years, .. Read More

Although the appearance of the 5G automatic micro-bus is similar to that of ordinary buses, the entire body of the 5G automatic micro-bus is equipped .. Read More

A recent study said, despite their high calorie counts, daily doses of nuts might help people keep off excess weight, especially when nuts are substit .. Read More

In a closely watched judgment, the European Court of Justice said EU law “does not preclude” courts from ordering “the removal of information or to bl .. Read More

Scientists at the Fudan University and Changchun Institute of Optics in China have developed a 500 megapixel cloud-connected ‘super camera&rsquo .. Read More

Prime Minister Imran Khan has sought world's cooperation and support in tackling the climate issues in Pakistan, as no country can overcome this chall .. Read More

The Cellular Mobile Operator (CMO), that is, Zong is not authorised to offer commercial mobile services based on 5G technology in Pakistan. To this en .. Read More

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer was observed on Monday, September 16.The theme of this year is "32 Years and Healing". The t .. Read More

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer is being observed on Thursday, September 16.The theme of this year is "32 Years and Healing" .. Read More

A new research has revealed why weight increases with age.As people struggle to keep their weight in check as they get older, the research shows that .. Read More

The 90th birth anniversary of renowned German doctor Dr Ruth Pfau, who dedicated her life to eradicate leprosy from Pakistan was observed on Monday.Sh .. Read More

Researchers from the University of Illinois (UI) and Kyushu University in Japan have developed a new technique that requires only a thin layer of ice .. Read More

European research has found that individuals with high blood pressure could lower their risk of death during flu season by getting the influenza vacci .. Read More

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