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Sword السيف
Swordfish سمك السيف
Swordfishes سمك السيف
Swordplay المبارزة
Swordplayer المبارز
Swords السيوف
Swordsman المبارز

Definition & Synonyms

• Sword

  1. (n.) Destruction by the sword, or in battle; war; dissension.
  2. (n.) One of the end bars by which the lay of a hand loom is suspended.
  3. (n.) Hence, the emblem of judicial vengeance or punishment, or of authority and power.
  4. (n.) An offensive weapon, having a long and usually sharp/pointed blade with a cutting edge or edges. It is the general term, including the small sword, rapier, saber, scimiter, and many other varieties.
  5. (n.) The military power of a country.

Blade, Brand, Steel,

• Swordbill

  1. (n.) A humming bird (Docimastes ensiferus) having a very long, slender bill, exceeding the length of the body of the bird.

• Swordfish

  1. (n.) The cutlass fish.
  2. (n.) A southern constellation. See Dorado, 1.
  3. (n.) A very large oceanic fish (Xiphias gladius), the only representative of the family Xiphiidae. It is highly valued as a food fish. The bones of the upper jaw are consolidated, and form a long, rigid, swordlike beak; the dorsal fin is high and without distinct spines; the ventral fins are absent. The adult is destitute of teeth. It becomes sixteen feet or more long.
  4. (n.) The gar pike.

• Swordman

  1. (n.) A swordsman.