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Ya yameeto Allah pak ka name ha, meaning ha Marny wala,

Aamir , Lahore Fri 05 Jan, 2018

Please translate in urdu

Aa , Lah Mon 01 Jan, 2018

Please tell me the meaning of Ishtania or Ishtunia

Shabir , Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan Fri 29 Dec, 2017

meaning of ya waddhu

afzal , Delhi Wed 27 Dec, 2017

Arabic k word kusomo ka Urdu me kya meaning ha

Sania , Sharjah Thu 21 Dec, 2017

Ya yumeeto ka kia MATLAB hy

Kashana , Peshawar Sun 17 Dec, 2017

What is mean to toliya tul amar wal qadam

Umme hussain , Lahore Fri 15 Dec, 2017

What does mean by sharral umoor o mohdasatiha wa kullu mohdasatiha bids wa kullu bidatin zalala wa kullu zalalatin fin nar

Umair , Karachi Wed 13 Dec, 2017

Aslaam Oh Aliekum Wa Rehmatullah sir Haram k mani keya hai jese k naat main ye lafaz aaya hai tajdaar e haram

Salahuddin gujraat , Gujraat Tue 05 Dec, 2017

ما هو الفرق بين المشكلة؟

ayaz , islamabad Sat 02 Dec, 2017

Arabic to Urdu and Urdu to Arabic Dictionary - Urdu and Arabic have a lot in common in terms of vocabulary and dictionary. Most of the words we use on daily basis are derived from Arabic language. Urdu is derived from vocabulary from Arabic, Persian, Hindi, and Sanskrit.

HamariWeb brings you an exclusive dictionary that can accommodate bi languages. There are more than 90000 Arabic Urdu words in the online dictionary available. You can find the relevant meaning and translations of various Urdu or Arabic words online which is accessible within a fraction of time. Urdu Arabic dictionary helps you to translate and comprehend the meaning of the difficult words of both languages. You can also search Urdu to Arabic by using Urdu keyboard given at page. If you are unable to find your desired word's meaning then you can suggest us, and we will add it to our dictionary.