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Subscribe Meaning in Urdu

Roman Urdu


dastakht karna, Bartar  دستخط کرنا٬ برتر
Chanda Daine Wala  چندہ دینے والا

Definition & Synonyms

• Subscribe

  1. (v. i.) To enter ones name for a newspaper, a book, etc.
  2. (v. t.) To declare over ones signature; to publish.
  3. (v. t.) To attest by writing ones name beneath; as, officers subscribe their official acts, and secretaries and clerks subscribe copies or records.
  4. (v. i.) To sign ones name to a letter or other document.
  5. (v. i.) To give consent to something written, by signing ones name; hence, to assent; to agree.
  6. (v. i.) To set ones name to a paper in token of promise to give a certain sum.
  7. (v. t.) To sign with ones own hand; to give consent to, as something written, or to bind ones self to the terms of, by writing ones name beneath; as, parties subscribe a covenant or contract; a man subscribes a bond.
  8. (v. t.) To sign away; to yield; to surrender.
  9. (v. t.) To write underneath, as ones name; to sign (ones name) to a document.
  10. (v. i.) To yield; to admit ones self to be inferior or in the wrong.
  11. (v. i.) To become surely; -- with for.
  12. (v. t.) To promise to give, by writing ones name with the amount; as, each man subscribed ten dollars.

Pledge, Sign, Support, Take,

• Subscribed

  1. (imp. & p. p.) of Subscribe