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Stole Meaning in Urdu

Roman Urdu


Lamba Jama  لمبا جامہ
Chori Ka, Churaya Howa  چوری کا٬ چرایا ہوا

Definition & Synonyms

• Stole

  1. (imp.) of Steal
  2. (n.) A stolon.
  3. (n.) A narrow band of silk or stuff, sometimes enriched with embroidery and jewels, worn on the left shoulder of deacons, and across both shoulders of bishops and priests, pendent on each side nearly to the ground. At Mass, it is worn crossed on the breast by priests. It is used in various sacred functions.
  4. (n.) A long, loose garment reaching to the feet.
  5. () imp. of Steal.

• Stolen

  1. (p. p.) of Steal
  2. () p. p. of Steal.