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Stars Meaning in Urdu

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Definition & Synonyms

• Star

  1. (n.) Specifically, a radiated mark in writing or printing; an asterisk [thus, *]; -- used as a reference to a note, or to fill a blank where something is omitted, etc.
  2. (n.) A person of brilliant and attractive qualities, especially on public occasions, as a distinguished orator, a leading theatrical performer, etc.
  3. (n.) One of the innumerable luminous bodies seen in the heavens; any heavenly body other than the sun, moon, comets, and nebulae.
  4. (n.) That which resembles the figure of a star, as an ornament worn on the breast to indicate rank or honor.
  5. (n.) The polestar; the north star.
  6. (n.) A planet supposed to influence ones destiny; (usually pl.) a configuration of the planets, supposed to influence fortune.
  7. (n.) A composition of combustible matter used in the heading of rockets, in mines, etc., which, exploding in the air, presents a starlike appearance.
  8. (v. t.) To set or adorn with stars, or bright, radiating bodies; to bespangle; as, a robe starred with gems.
  9. (v. i.) To be bright, or attract attention, as a star; to shine like a star; to be brilliant or prominent; to play a part as a theatrical star.

Ace, Adept, Asterisk, Genius, Lead, Leading, Principal, Sensation, Starring, Stellar, Virtuoso, Whiz, Wizard,

• Starshine

  1. (n.) The light of the stars.

• Starstone

  1. (n.) Asteriated sapphire.

• Starshoot

  1. (n.) See Nostoc.