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Slick Meaning in Urdu

Roman Urdu


Saf, Mulaim  صاف٬ ملائم

Definition & Synonyms

• Slick

  1. (n.) A slick, or smooth and slippery, surface or place; a sleek.
  2. (a.) Sleek; smooth.
  3. (n.) A wide paring chisel.
  4. (n.) See Schlich.
  5. (v. t.) To make sleek or smoth.

Crafty, Cunning, Foxy, Glib, Glossy, Guileful, Knavish, Pat, Satin, Satiny, Silken, Silky, Sleek, Slickness, Slip, Slipperiness, Sly, Tricksy, Tricky, Wily,

• Slickensides

  1. (n.) A variety of galena found in Derbyshire, England.
  2. (n.) The smooth, striated, or partially polished surfaces of a fissure or seam, supposed to have been produced by the sliding of one surface on another.

• Slicken

  1. (a.) Sleek; smooth.