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Sex Meaning in Arabic

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Sex الجنس
Sexagenarian الستيني

Definition & Synonyms

• Sexual

  1. (a.) Of or pertaining to sex, or the sexes; distinguishing sex; peculiar to the distinction and office of male or female; relating to the distinctive genital organs of the sexes; proceeding from, or based upon, sex; as, sexual characteristics; sexual intercourse, connection, or commerce; sexual desire; sexual diseases; sexual generation.


• Sextaries

  1. (pl. ) of Sextary

• Sextodecimo

  1. (a.) Having sixteen leaves to a sheet; of, or equal to, the size of one fold of a sheet of printing paper when folded so as to make sixteen leaves, or thirty-two pages; as, a sextodecimo volume.
  2. (n.) A book composed of sheets each of which is folded into sixteen leaves; hence, indicating, more or less definitely, a size of a book; -- usually written 16mo, or 16í.

• Sextoness

  1. (n.) A female sexton; a sextons wife.

• Sextic

  1. (n.) A quantic of the sixth degree.
  2. (a.) Of the sixth degree or order.

• Sextans

  1. (n.) A constellation on the equator south of Leo; the Sextant.
  2. (n.) A Roman coin, the sixth part of an as.

• Sextolet

  1. (n.) A double triplet; a group of six equal notes played in the time of four.

• Sextry

  1. (n.) See Sacristy.

• Sexfid

  1. (a.) Alt. of Sexifid

• Sexlocular

  1. (a.) Having six cells for seeds; six-celled; as, a sexlocular pericarp.