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Sex Meaning in Arabic

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Sex    الجنس
Sexagenarian    الستيني

Definition & Synonyms

• Sexangle

  1. (n.) A hexagon.

• Sextain

  1. (n.) A stanza of six lines; a sestine.

• Sextary

  1. (n.) An ancient Roman liquid and dry measure, about equal to an English pint.
  2. (n.) A sacristy.

• Sexavalent

  1. (a.) See Sexivalent.

• Sexed

  1. (a.) Belonging to sex; having sex; distinctively male of female; as, the sexed condition.

• Sextile

  1. (a.) Measured by sixty degrees; fixed or indicated by a distance of sixty degrees.
  2. (n.) The aspect or position of two planets when distant from each other sixty degrees, or two signs. This position is marked thus: /.

• Sextos

  1. (pl. ) of Sexto

• Sexuality

  1. (n.) The quality or state of being distinguished by sex.

Gender, Sex,

• Sextic

  1. (n.) A quantic of the sixth degree.
  2. (a.) Of the sixth degree or order.

• Sextetto

  1. (n.) See Sestet.

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