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You have searched the English word "Prune" meaning in Urdu "تراشنا" tarashna. Prune meaning has been search 31207 (thirty-one thousand two hundred and seven) times till 9/2/2014. You can also find Prune meaning and Translation in Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, French and other languages.

Prune Meaning in Urdu

English to Urdu Dictionary Urdu to English Dictionary

English Roman Urdu اردو
tarashna تراشنا
Galay Ki Kharash گلے کی خراش

Definition & Synonyms
• Prune
  1. (v. t.) To lop or cut off the superfluous parts, branches, or shoots of; to clear of useless material; to shape or smooth by trimming; to trim: as, to prune trees; to prune an essay.
  2. (v. t.) To preen; to prepare; to dress.
  3. (v. i.) To dress; to prink; -used humorously or in contempt.
  4. (n.) A plum; esp., a dried plum, used in cookery; as, French or Turkish prunes; California prunes.
  5. (v. t.) To cut off or cut out, as useless parts.

Clip, Crop, Cut, Dress, Lop, Rationalize, Snip, Trim,
• Pruner
  1. (n.) One who prunes, or removes, what is superfluous.
  2. (n.) Any one of several species of beetles whose larvae gnaw the branches of trees so as to cause them to fall, especially the American oak pruner (Asemum moestum), whose larva eats the pith of oak branches, and when mature gnaws a circular furrow on the inside nearly to the bark. When the branches fall each contains a pupa.

Lopper, Trimmer,
• Prunello
  1. (n.) A species of dried plum; prunelle.
  2. (n.) A smooth woolen stuff, generally black, used for making shoes; a kind of lasting; -- formerly used also for clergymens gowns.

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