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Epic Meaning in Urdu

Roman Urdu


Khush Khoor
خوش خور

Definition & Synonyms

• Epic

  1. (a.) Narrated in a grand style; pertaining to or designating a kind of narrative poem, usually called an heroic poem, in which real or fictitious events, usually the achievements of some hero, are narrated in an elevated style.
  2. (n.) An epic or heroic poem. See Epic, a.

Epical, Epos, Heroic,

• Epicene

  1. (a. & n.) Fig.: Sexless; neither one thing nor the other.
  2. (a. & n.) Common to both sexes; -- a term applied, in grammar, to such nouns as have but one form of gender, either the masculine or feminine, to indicate animals of both sexes; as boy^s, bos, for the ox and cow; sometimes applied to eunuchs and hermaphrodites.

Bisexual, Effeminate, Emasculate,

• Epicentral

  1. (a.) Arising from the centrum of a vertebra.