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You have searched the English word "Color" meaning in Urdu "رنگ کرنا" rang karnaa. Color meaning has been search 16952 (sixteen thousand nine hundred and fifty-two) times till 10/30/2014. You can also find Color meaning and Translation in Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, French and other languages.

Color Meaning in Urdu

English to Urdu Dictionary Urdu to English Dictionary

English Roman Urdu اردو
rang karnaa رنگ کرنا
bay-rang بےرنگ

Definition & Synonyms
• Color
  1. (n.) A property depending on the relations of light to the eye, by which individual and specific differences in the hues and tints of objects are apprehended in vision; as, gay colors; sad colors, etc.
  2. (v. t.) To hide.
  3. (v. i.) To acquire color; to turn red, especially in the face; to blush.
  4. (n.) A distinguishing badge, as a flag or similar symbol (usually in the plural); as, the colors or color of a ship or regiment; the colors of a race horse (that is, of the cap and jacket worn by the jockey).
  5. (n.) An apparent right; as where the defendant in trespass gave to the plaintiff an appearance of title, by stating his title specially, thus removing the cause from the jury to the court.
  6. (v. t.) To change or alter the hue or tint of, by dyeing, staining, painting, etc.; to dye; to tinge; to paint; to stain.
  7. (n.) Shade or variety of character; kind; species.
  8. (n.) That which is used to give color; a paint; a pigment; as, oil colors or water colors.
  9. (n.) That which covers or hides the real character of anything; semblance; excuse; disguise; appearance.
  10. (n.) The hue or color characteristic of good health and spirits; ruddy complexion.
  11. (v. t.) To change or alter, as if by dyeing or painting; to give a false appearance to; usually, to give a specious appearance to; to cause to appear attractive; to make plausible; to palliate or excuse; as, the facts were colored by his prejudices.
  12. (n.) Any hue distinguished from white or black.

Coloration, Coloring, Colour, Discolor, Distort, Emblazon, Gloss, Semblance,
• Colorado group
  1. () A subdivision of the cretaceous formation of western North America, especially developed in Colorado and the upper Missouri region.

• Colorature
  1. (n.) Vocal music colored, as it were, by florid ornaments, runs, or rapid passages.

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