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You have searched the English word "Catches" meaning in Urdu "قبضہ" qabzaa. Catches meaning has been search 12562 (twelve thousand five hundred and sixty-two) times till 3/1/2015. You can also find Catches meaning and Translation in Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, French and other languages.

Catches Meaning in Urdu

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English Roman Urdu اردو
qabzaa, shikaar, pakarhna قبضہ٬ شکار٬ پکڑنا
Definition & Synonyms
• Catch
  1. (n.) Act of seizing; a grasp.
  2. (v. t.) To take or receive; esp. to take by sympathy, contagion, infection, or exposure; as, to catch the spirit of an occasion; to catch the measles or smallpox; to catch cold; the house caught fire.
  3. (n.) A humorous canon or round, so contrived that the singers catch up each others words.
  4. (v. t.) To take captive, as in a snare or net, or on a hook; as, to catch a bird or fish.
  5. (v. t.) To lay hold on; to seize, especially with the hand; to grasp (anything) in motion, with the effect of holding; as, to catch a ball.
  6. (v. t.) To communicate to; to fasten upon; as, the fire caught the adjoining building.
  7. (n.) Something desirable to be caught, esp. a husband or wife in matrimony.
  8. (v. t.) To come upon unexpectedly or by surprise; to find; as, to catch one in the act of stealing.
  9. (v. i.) To spread by, or as by, infecting; to communicate.
  10. (v. i.) To be held or impeded by entanglement or a light obstruction; as, a kite catches in a tree; a door catches so as not to open.
  11. (v. t.) To get possession of; to attain.
  12. (n.) Passing opportunities seized; snatches.
  13. (n.) That by which anything is caught or temporarily fastened; as, the catch of a gate.
  14. (v. t.) To seize with the senses or the mind; to apprehend; as, to catch a melody.
  15. (v. t.) To reach in time; to come up with; as, to catch a train.
  16. (v. t.) To seize after pursuing; to arrest; as, to catch a thief.
  17. (v. t.) Hence: To insnare; to entangle.
  18. (v. i.) To take hold; as, the bolt does not catch.
  19. (n.) The posture of seizing; a state of preparation to lay hold of, or of watching he opportunity to seize; as, to lie on the catch.
  20. (n.) That which is caught or taken; profit; gain; especially, the whole quantity caught or taken at one time; as, a good catch of fish.
  21. (v. i.) To attain possession.
  22. (v. t.) To engage and attach; to please; to charm.
  23. (n.) A slight remembrance; a trace.

Apprehension, Arrest, Becharm, Beguile, Bewitch, Captivate, Capture, Charm, Collar, Enamor, Enchant, Entrance, Fascinate, Get, Grab, Haul, Hitch, match, Overhear, Overtake, Pinch, See, Snap, Snatch, Stop, Trance, View, Watch,
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