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Casual Meaning in Urdu

Roman Urdu


bay-takalluf, Hadsati  بے تکلف٬ حادثاتی
Aam se  عام سے

Definition & Synonyms

• Casual

  1. (a.) Coming without regularity; occasional; incidental; as, casual expenses.
  2. (a.) Happening or coming to pass without design, and without being foreseen or expected; accidental; fortuitous; coming by chance.
  3. (n.) One who receives relief for a night in a parish to which he does not belong; a vagrant.

Accidental, Chance, Cursory, Effortless, Everyday, Fooling, Insouciant, Nonchalant, Occasional, Passing, Perfunctory,

• Casualties

  1. (pl. ) of Casualty

• Casually

  1. (adv.) Without design; accidentally; fortuitously; by chance; occasionally.