Roman Urdu


BA waqat
بے وُقَعت
marham patti
Patti bandhna
مرہم پٹی
پٹی باندھنا
Zulf Band
زلف بند
Kartosoon ki Pati
کارتوسوں کی پٹی
Muri Hui Tangay
مڑی ہوئی ٹانگیں

ban Synonyms & Definition

• Ban

  1. (n.) Notice of a proposed marriage, proclaimed in church. See Banns (the common spelling in this sense).
  2. (v. t.) To forbid; to interdict.
  3. (v. t.) To curse; to invoke evil upon.
  4. (v. i.) To curse; to swear.
  5. (n.) A public proclamation or edict; a public order or notice, mandatory or prohibitory; a summons by public proclamation.
  6. (n.) A curse or anathema.
  7. (n.) A pecuniary mulct or penalty laid upon a delinquent for offending against a ban; as, a mulct paid to a bishop by one guilty of sacrilege or other crimes.
  8. (n.) A calling together of the kings (esp. the French kings) vassals for military service; also, the body of vassals thus assembled or summoned. In present usage, in France and Prussia, the most effective part of the population liable to military duty and not in the standing army.
  9. (n.) An interdiction, prohibition, or proscription.
  10. (n.) An ancient title of the warden of the eastern marches of Hungary; now, a title of the viceroy of Croatia and Slavonia.
Banish, Banning, Blackball, Censor, Forbiddance, Forbidding, Interdiction, Ostracize, Prohibition, Proscription, Shun,

• Banalities

  1. (pl. ) of Banality

• Banding plane

  1. () A plane used for cutting out grooves and inlaying strings and bands in straight and circular work.

• Banishment

  1. (n.) The act of banishing, or the state of being banished.
Coventry, Ostracism, Proscription,

• Bank

  1. (n.) The regular term of a court of law, or the full court sitting to hear arguments upon questions of law, as distinguished from a sitting at Nisi Prius, or a court held for jury trials. See Banc.
  2. (v. t.) To raise a mound or dike about; to inclose, defend, or fortify with a bank; to embank.
  3. (n.) In certain games, as dominos, a fund of pieces from which the players are allowed to draw.
  4. (n.) A steep acclivity, as the slope of a hill, or the side of a ravine.
  5. (n.) The bench or seat upon which the judges sit.
  6. (n.) A bench; a high seat, or seat of distinction or judgment; a tribunal or court.
  7. (n.) A bench, as for rowers in a galley; also, a tier of oars.
  8. (n.) An elevation, or rising ground, under the sea; a shoal, shelf, or shallow; as, the banks of Newfoundland.
  9. (v. t.) To heap or pile up; as, to bank sand.
  10. (v. i.) To deposit money in a bank; to have an account with a banker.
  11. (n.) The sum of money or the checks which the dealer or banker has as a fund, from which to draw his stakes and pay his losses.
  12. (n.) The margin of a watercourse; the rising ground bordering a lake, river, or sea, or forming the edge of a cutting, or other hollow.
  13. (n.) The building or office used for banking purposes.
  14. (n.) A sort of table used by printers.
  15. (n.) A mound, pile, or ridge of earth, raised above the surrounding level; hence, anything shaped like a mound or ridge of earth; as, a bank of clouds; a bank of snow.
  16. (v. i.) To keep a bank; to carry on the business of a banker.
  17. (n.) A fund from deposits or contributions, to be used in transacting business; a joint stock or capital.
  18. (n.) A deposit of ore or coal, worked by excavations above water level.
  19. (n.) The ground at the top of a shaft; as, ores are brought to bank.
  20. (v. t.) To deposit in a bank.
  21. (n.) A bench, or row of keys belonging to a keyboard, as in an organ.
  22. (n.) The face of the coal at which miners are working.
  23. (n.) An establishment for the custody, loan, exchange, or issue, of money, and for facilitating the transmission of funds by drafts or bills of exchange; an institution incorporated for performing one or more of such functions, or the stockholders (or their representatives, the directors), acting in their corporate capacity.
  24. (v. t.) To pass by the banks of.
  25. (v. i.) To tilt sidewise in rounding a curve; -- said of a flying machine, an aerocurve, or the like.
  26. (n.) The lateral inclination of an aeroplane as it rounds a curve; as, a bank of 45í is easy; a bank of 90í is dangerous.
  27. (n.) A group or series of objects arranged near together; as, a bank of electric lamps, etc.
Camber, Cant, Deposit, Rely, Swear, Trust,

• Bank bill

  1. () In America (and formerly in England), a promissory note of a bank payable to the bearer on demand, and used as currency; a bank note.
  2. () In England, a note, or a bill of exchange, of a bank, payable to order, and usually at some future specified time. Such bills are negotiable, but form, in the strict sense of the term, no part of the currency.

• Bank discount

  1. () A sum equal to the interest at a given rate on the principal (face) of a bill or note from the time of discounting until it becomes due.

• Bankruptcies

  1. (pl. ) of Bankruptcy

• Banterer

  1. (n.) One who banters or rallies.

• Bandore

  1. (n.) A musical stringed instrument, similar in form to a guitar; a pandore.

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