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I love to eat aam ka maraba and I daily eat aam ka maraba with paratha in breakfast.
By: tahira, Form: karachi, on 14 May, 2019
My mother made hare masala ki chicken so tasty .everyone says there is a magic in her hand because she always made tasty dishes.
By: ayesha, Form: karachi, on 14 May, 2019
my mother made amm ka maraba very yummy and I really miss my mother hand’s amm ka maraba.
By: omer, Form: abtobad, on 11 May, 2019
Now everyone can follow this website to know the recipe you can make in this Ramzan, every single detail of every yummiest recipe is given here
By: noreen, Form: sialkot, on 10 May, 2019
If you are a housewife and want to impress your husband then this website is totally for you. You can see very interesting and delicious recipes on this page
By: maha, Form: manchester, on 10 May, 2019
This recipe is very easy and tasty and the specialty is that the ingredients are very common you can find anywhere. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us
By: aqsa, Form: jehlum, on 10 May, 2019
Very lovely collection recipes and every chef put a great effort in every recipe it is simply amazing and loveable, kind regards
By: sajal, Form: rawalpindi, on 10 May, 2019
What a really nice collection of recipes .this is the holy month of Ramzan we can try all these recipes at our home ,no need to go somewhere else for aftari
By: eshal, Form: rawalpindi, on 10 May, 2019
daal kachori with the lots of spice and the many more masala its so yummy and delicious taste.
By: habeeba, Form: Salalah, on 08 May, 2019
This Ramadan would be wonderful as we will be preparing pakora kari for Iftar. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Method is easy to learn and I am sure it will not be that hard.
By: rafya, Form: Sialkot, on 08 May, 2019

Special Pakistani Dishes

Special Pakistani Recipes - Pakistani people are known for their culture, and passion for food. Pakistani cooking is popular worldwide due to its taste, aroma, color, and masala used. Pakistani foods are delicious and easy to make. A long time ago, Pakistan was known by its name, this land was referred to as the land of spices. The dishes that are native to our country are truly evident in this fact. Pakistani recipes are very famous in all the corners of the world because of its richness and unique flavors. Our moms and sisters do have God-Gifted cooking talents. Pakistani cuisine is one of the easiest cooking cuisines which takes less time to get prepared. They use the ingredients and spices that are easily available everywhere and mix them up in a way that's giving quite amazing food to enjoy. Pakistani cuisine includes all the vegetables, meat, lentils, and spices make it very tasty and enjoyable.
Apart from hospitality and warm welcomes, Pakistani food also tends to leave an unfading mark on all those who come to visit. If you have yet to feast on some of the finest dishes that Pakistan has to offer; then search no further and try out the mentioned dishes in this category. The best thing about a Pakistani cuisine is that it has a very short preparation time; this means that if you were completely surrounded by guests at lunches or dinner you can easily make any Pakistani dish and still be remembered as the host that served amazing Pakistani food. It is not possible that a person doesn’t know the popularity of Pakistani cuisine. Even Pakistani food pictures are so attracting that people want to try them. When someone comes to Pakistan, they are more excited about experiencing Pakistani food culture for the first time. People do search for Pakistani recipes. Pakistani khanay is an inspiration for the people to visit Pakistan.
Now the people can get all Pakistani food recipes with pictures on one website. The authentic Pakistani food recipes in Urdu are also given on the web page. There are so many Pakistani recipes including koftey, biryani, daal, chawal, barbecue, Lahori cuisine, Peshawar cuisine, Balochi cooking, and Sindhi cooking. We also provide some recipes for Pakistani salads. Exclusive recipes of Pakistani style appetizers are also mentioned on this page. Punjabi dishes are also the decoration of this page. There are so many famous Pakistani chefs all over the world such as Chef Zakir, Chef Gulzar, Chef Zubaida Tariq, Chef Shireen Anwar, chef Asad and more that presented amazing recipes; the most popular recipes of Pakistan are chicken biryani recipe, kofta recipe, chicken corn soup, chapli kabab, palak recipes, haleem recipe, nihari recipe, Urdu recipes, and many more with easy cooking tips and ideas.