Lakhnoye chiken

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Chiken 1 kg.

Tamatar 4 adad.

Hare mirche 6 adad.

Sabat garam masala 4 tea spone.

Pesa howa garm masala 2 tea spone.

Onion 6 adad.

Lal mirch powder 1 table spone.

Salt to taste.

Lemon juice 1 tble spone.

Chines salt 1 tea spone.

Lahsan 7 jawee.

Aadrak 2 tea spone.

Oli for fry.


Sab say phly onion kat kar thandy oil ma dal dain or halki aanch par fry karen .us k bad sabut garam masala add kar k 5 min k bad kutte aadrak or lahsan dal kr 5 mint fry karen .jb in ka rang badal jaye to is ma chiken dal lain.jb chiken ka rang golden ho jaye to is ma tomato dal kar pakayn sath ma kutta howa garm masala ,hare or lal mirch shamil kr k pakayn.aakhar ma chines or simple salt add kar k dam pa laga dain or dhanya dal kar dam laga dain.tasty lakhnoye chiken tyar hai.


Lakhnoye chiken

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