Amla Murrabba

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Submited by Shabana from Lahore


1 kg amiss or Indian goose-berries

1/4 tsp each of paan-ka-chuna and alum

tsp saffron strands

2 kgs sugar

1 tblsp seeds of large carda-moms

silver or gold foil


Poke each amla well with a sharp needle all over. Dissolve alum and cholla in water and soak the amla in it for an hour. Wash in water and boil till the gooseberries turn soft. Drain and set aside. Dissolve saffron in 1 tblsp of hot water. Now prepare a syrup by thoroughly dissolving the sugar in 4 cups of hot water. Mix in the cardamom seeds and amlas and cook over a slow fire till the syrup turns quite thick. Remove from fire, cool, mix in the saffron, and cover each amla with foil. Pottle, and use when required.

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Cooking on Eid is fun if you know less time consuming recipes. I have shortlisted this Amla Murrabba recipe as a part of my Eid day menu. I hope it turns out well and my family likes it.
By: Baba, Form: Karachi, on 31 Aug, 2016

Amla Murrabba

Good food can turn your mood on within no time. Prepare the heart warming and delicious Amla Murrabba and rejoice your bad mood. You can find the recipe and ingredients of this recipe online. Prepare it, and share the recipe among your family and friends.