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Election Result NA-147 - 2018

Last Updated: 30 Sep, 2023
Position Candidates Party Votes
Syed Imran Shah PML-N
Chuadhry Naveer Shakoor PTI
Aamir Shahzad PPPP
Nazar Farid Nadeem IND
Miraj Hameed IND
Muhammad Naeem Asif IND
Muhammad Ali Shakoor IND
Haroon Zaman Khagga IND
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NA-147 Election Result 2018

NA 147 Election Result 2018 – There are 8 Candidates participating in general election 2018 from NA 147 Sahiwal-I constituency of Punjab Province. The key participants and political parties from NA 147 are as follows: Chuadhry Naveer Shakoor PTI.

You can view here complete election result of NA 147 Sahiwal-I with total votes casted, election candidate's position with party name, constituency report and previous results of 2008, 2002, 2013 of NA 147.

Also find the top parties detail of NA 147 including and other popular political parties of election 2018 in Pakistan.

NA 147 Election Result 2018 - Syed Imran Shah PML-N has lead the election by receiving 120697 votes by defeating Chuadhry Naveer Shakoor PTI got 86462 votes, and other candidates of NA 147.

NA-147 Sahiwal-I Constituency Details

POPULATION : 852005 VOTERS : 480979

NA-147 Election Result 2013 - There are several candidates participate in 2013 general election in NA-147 constituency. In 2013 Election, following candidates were in top positions: MUHAMMAD MOEEN WATTOO (PML N) got 83330, MIAN MANZOOR AHMAD KHAN WATTOO (PPP) got 54622, NASEEM AHMAD KHAN WATTOO (Indep) got 11156, MALIK WAQAR AHMAD (PTI) got 9964, TAHIR MASOOD KHAN (Indep) got 5680,

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By this online schedule of the NA-147 assembly we easily get to know the every candidates whole list of their with every updated detailsk
Bakhtawar, Mandi Wednesday, July 25 2018
5 years is a whole life time so please i deeply request you to think before you vote. It is your responsibility. Be aware of it. For the sake of yourself, your children and the future.
Hamida, Karachi Tuesday, July 24 2018
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