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Election Result NA-145 - 2018

Last Updated: 30 Sep, 2023
Position Candidates Party Votes
Ahmed Raza Khan Manika PML-N
Muhammd Shah Khagga PTI
Rao Naseem Hashim Khan IND
Sardar Mansab Ali Dogge.. IND
Nadeem Iqbal IND
Abdul Ghafoor IND
Rao Azmat ullah MMA
Zulfiqar Ali Khan PHP
Chaudhry Javad Ahmed IND
Asghar Ali IND
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NA-145 Election Result 2018

NA 145 Election Result 2018 – There are 10 Candidates participating in general election 2018 from NA 145 Pakpattan-I constituency of Punjab Province. The key participants and political parties from NA 145 are as follows: Muhammd Shah Khagga PTI.

You can view here complete election result of NA 145 Pakpattan-I with total votes casted, election candidate's position with party name, constituency report and previous results of 2008, 2002, 2013 of NA 145.

Also find the top parties detail of NA 145 including and other popular political parties of election 2018 in Pakistan.

NA 145 Election Result 2018 - Ahmed Raza Khan Manika PML-N has lead the election by receiving 118581 votes by defeating Muhammd Shah Khagga PTI got 90633 votes, and other candidates of NA 145.

NA-145 Pakpattan-I Constituency Details

POPULATION : 911655 VOTERS : 501250

NA-145 Election Result 2013 - There are several candidates participate in 2013 general election in NA-145 constituency. In 2013 Election, following candidates were in top positions: Syed Muhammad Ashiq Hussain Shah (PML N) got 88856, Rana Khizar Hayat Khan (Indep) got 31638, Syed Sumsam Ali Shah Bukhari (PPP) got 26577, Syed Ali Husnain Shah (PTI) got 12283, Rao Wajid Ali Khan (TTP) got 4828,

Reviews & Comments

It breaks my heart when i see no progress in my country. Elected parties think they have become the leader of the city. While they fight for being the servant of the city.
Khaleel, Lahore Wednesday, July 25 2018
Comparing Nawaz shareef, imran khan and bilawal bhutto, i guess imran khan is the best choice because other two have eaten our country. and imran khan is educated.
Faiza, Faislabad Tuesday, July 24 2018
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