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Election Result NA-52 - 2018

Last Updated: 28 Sep, 2023
Position Candidates Party Votes
Raja Khurram Shahzad Na.. PTI
Muhammad Afzal Khokhar PPPP
Tariq Fazal Chaudhry PML-N
Rizwan Ahmed TLP
Bilal Faisal Amin MMA
Hafiz Muhammad Aslam TLI
Syed Amjad Ali Shah IND
Asrar Ahmed Abbasi IND
Asia Bibi IND
Nazeer Ul Haq HWP
Syed Hassan Zafar IND
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NA-52 Election Result 2018

NA 52 Election Result 2018 – There are 11 Candidates participating in general election 2018 from NA 52 Ict-I constituency of Islamabad Province. The key participants and political parties from NA 52 are as follows: Muhammad Afzal Khokhar PPPP.

You can view here complete election result of NA 52 Ict-I with total votes casted, election candidate's position with party name, constituency report and previous results of 2008, 2002, 2013 of NA 52.

Also find the top parties detail of NA 52 including and other popular political parties of election 2018 in Pakistan.

NA 52 Election Result 2018 - Raja Khurram Shahzad Nawaz PTI has lead the election by receiving 64690 votes by defeating Muhammad Afzal Khokhar PPPP got 34072 votes, and other candidates of NA 52.

NA-52 Ict-I Constituency Details

POPULATION : 700744 VOTERS : 234508

NA-52 Election Result 2013 - There are several candidates participate in 2013 general election in NA-52 constituency. In 2013 Election, following candidates were in top positions: CH NISAR ALI KHAN (PML N) got 132905, LT COL R AJMAL SABIR RAJA (PTI) got 69539, MUHAMMAD BASHARAT RAJA (PML-Z) got 43833, KHALID MEHMOOD MIRZA (JI) got 2721, MOLANA MUHAMMAD BILAL UMER (MDM) got 2104,

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Constituency NA-52 is a constituency for the National Assembly of Pakistan. It consists of Gulzar-e- Quaid, Dhoke Lalyal and many other teams working together.
Malika, Attock Sunday, March 25 2018
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