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Election Result NA-174 - 2018

Last Updated: 21 Sep, 2023
Position Candidates Party Votes
Makhdoom Syed Sami Ul H.. PTI
Prince Bahawal Abbas IND
Raheem Bakhsh IND
Arif Aziz Sheikh IND
Makhdoom Syed Ali Hassa.. PPPP
Sajid Hussain PQYP
Malik Khalid Mehmood Ba.. IND
Muhammad Saleem Mughal IND
Shehreen Arshad IND
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NA-174 Election Result 2018

NA 174 Election Result 2018 – There are 9 Candidates participating in general election 2018 from NA 174 Bahawalpur-V constituency of Punjab Province. The key participants and political parties from NA 174 are as follows: Prince Bahawal Abbas IND.

You can view here complete election result of NA 174 Bahawalpur-V with total votes casted, election candidate's position with party name, constituency report and previous results of 2008, 2002, 2013 of NA 174.

Also find the top parties detail of NA 174 including and other popular political parties of election 2018 in Pakistan.

NA 174 Election Result 2018 - Makhdoom Syed Sami Ul Hassan Gillani PTI has lead the election by receiving 63884 votes by defeating Prince Bahawal Abbas IND got 58092 votes, and other candidates of NA 174.

NA-174 Bahawalpur-V Constituency Details

POPULATION : 692954 VOTERS : 368276

NA-174 Election Result 2013 - There are several candidates participate in 2013 general election in NA-174 constituency. In 2013 Election, following candidates were in top positions: Sardar Muhammad Jaffar Khan Leghari (PML N) got 100794, Sardar Nasrullah Khan Dreshak (Indep) got 61204, Khawaja Kaleem ud Din Koreja (PPP) got 25292, Abdul Razzaq Raja (PTI) got 6825, Khawaja Mohsin Riaz (JI) got 6371,

Reviews & Comments

Perhaps Sami Gillani will loose this seat to recounting. PTI did rigging in this constituency with help of local administration
Azeema Arif Bhatti, Uch Sharif Wednesday, September 12 2018
My vote is for Makhdum Sami Ul Hassan Gillani of PTI because PTI deserves to win this constituency after all the years of struggles.
Sobia taufeeq, bahawalpur Tuesday, July 24 2018
Faisal mir is good personalty
Akram Dashti, Sunday, December 03 2017
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