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Election Result NA-110 - 2018

Last Updated: 21 Sep, 2023
Position Candidates Party Votes
Raja Riaz Ahmed PTI
Rana Muhammad Afzal Kha.. PML-N
Hafiz Umer Farooq TLP
Shabbir Asghar AAT
Sahibzada Muhammad Hami.. SIC
Younus Suleman PPPP
Muhammad Kamran MP
Munawar Fayyaz Sunny IND
Muhammad Nadeem Pasha BPP
Malik Muhammad Nawaz IND
Ayaz Mehmood ST
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NA-110 Election Result 2018

NA 110 Election Result 2018 – There are 11 Candidates participating in general election 2018 from NA 110 Faisalabad-X constituency of Punjab Province. The key participants and political parties from NA 110 are as follows: Rana Muhammad Afzal Khan PML-N.

You can view here complete election result of NA 110 Faisalabad-X with total votes casted, election candidate's position with party name, constituency report and previous results of 2008, 2002, 2013 of NA 110.

Also find the top parties detail of NA 110 including and other popular political parties of election 2018 in Pakistan.

NA 110 Election Result 2018 - Raja Riaz Ahmed PTI has lead the election by receiving 114215 votes by defeating Rana Muhammad Afzal Khan PML-N got 108172 votes, and other candidates of NA 110.

NA-110 Faisalabad-X Constituency Details

POPULATION : 781643 VOTERS : 445459

NA-110 Election Result 2013 - There are several candidates participate in 2013 general election in NA-110 constituency. In 2013 Election, following candidates were in top positions: Khawaja Muhammad Asif (PML N) got 92803, Muhammad Usman Dar (PTI) got 71525, Arshad Mahmood Baggu (JI) got 6361, Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan (PPP) got 2195, Hakeem Muhammad Tufail (MP) got 955,

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In this session I can find out he information for the General Election of the 2018 and this is very good for all the users who wants to see this
Ghina, Hydrabad Tuesday, July 24 2018
This time only two parties will fight election from NA 110 faislabad. Rana Afzal Khan from PMLN and Raja Riaz Ahmad Khan from PTI.
Khola, Quetta Tuesday, July 24 2018
Usman dar inshaAllah win that elation 2018 BEACAUSE HE IS A TURE LEADER AND ALSO LIVE IN Sialkot not like khawaja
Ilyas dew, Sialkot Saturday, June 09 2018
Sialkot is the home of PML N, I think NA-110 is the constituent where PTI face the tough time. Last time Khwaja Asif was elected from there and won with high difference.
nida, sialkot Tuesday, May 29 2018
Here we have the best information about the General Election 2018 of the NA-110 because it has the really good available here
Hammad, Karachi Friday, March 30 2018
As we need to know the whole details about the NA-110 assembly election results whole details with the every authentic information
rameez, islamabad Thursday, March 29 2018
Get the information for the General Election 2018 for NA-110 from here which can provide you the good information you need to know about
Shan, Ka Tuesday, March 27 2018
Now we don’t have to get any trouble to get check out the information about the NA-110 assembly results that mention here authentically
rufeena, Panjab Monday, March 26 2018
Together we stand, Divided we fall. Why don’t they just work for PAKISTAN. For our beloved country. It is getting into dark. Cant they see the daily fuss? WHY?
Urwa, Jalalpur Sunday, March 25 2018
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