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Triple Meaning in Urdu

Roman Urdu


Tigna Ho Jana
تگنا ہوجانا
Seh Misri Nazam
سہ مصرعی نظم

Definition & Synonyms

• Triple

  1. (a.) Three times repeated; treble. See Treble.
  2. (a.) To make threefold, or thrice as much or as many; to treble; as, to triple the tax on coffee.
  3. (a.) Consisting of three united; multiplied by three; threefold; as, a triple knot; a triple tie.
  4. (a.) One of three; third.

Ternary, Threefold, Treble, Triplex,

• Triple-headed

  1. (a.) Having three heads; three-headed; as, the triple-headed dog Cerberus.