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Snob Meaning in Urdu

Roman Urdu


Amarat Parast, Gharibon Ko Haqeer Janane Wala  امارت پرست٬ غریبوں کو حقیر جاننے والا
Amarat Prastana  امارت پرستانہ

Definition & Synonyms

• Snob

  1. (n.) A vulgar person who affects to be better, richer, or more fashionable, than he really is; a vulgar upstart; one who apes his superiors.
  2. (n.) A workman who accepts lower than the usual wages, or who refuses to strike when his fellows do; a rat; a knobstick.
  3. (n.) A townsman.
  4. (n.) A journeyman shoemaker.

Prig, Snot,

• Snobocracy

  1. (n.) Snobs, collectively.

• Snobbishness

  1. (n.) Vulgar affectation or ostentation; mean admiration of mean things; conduct or manners of a snob.