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Scope Meaning in Urdu

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Definition & Synonyms

• Scope

  1. (n.) Room or opportunity for free outlook or aim; space for action; amplitude of opportunity; free course or vent; liberty; range of view, intent, or action.
  2. (n.) That at which one aims; the thing or end to which the mind directs its view; that which is purposed to be reached or accomplished; hence, ultimate design, aim, or purpose; intention; drift; object.
  3. (n.) Length; extent; sweep; as, scope of cable.
  4. (v. t.) To look at for the purpose of evaluation; usually with out; as, to scope out the area as a camping site.
  5. (n.) Extended area.

Ambit, Background, Compass, Orbit, Oscilloscope, Range, Reach, Setting, Telescope,

• Scopeline

  1. (a.) Scopeloid.