You have searched the English word "Salmon" meaning in Urdu "خوردنی مچھلی" Khurdni Machli. Salmon meaning has been search 42461 (forty-two thousand four hundred and sixty-one) times till 5/31/2016. You can also find Salmon meaning and Translation in Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, French and other languages.

Salmon Meaning in Urdu

Roman Urdu


Khurdni Machli
خوردنی مچھلی

Definition & Synonyms

• Salmon

  1. (a.) Of a reddish yellow or orange color, like that of the flesh of the salmon.
  2. (v.) Any one of several species of fishes of the genus Salmo and allied genera. The common salmon (Salmo salar) of Northern Europe and Eastern North America, and the California salmon, or quinnat, are the most important species. They are extensively preserved for food. See Quinnat.
  3. (pl. ) of Salmon
  4. (v.) A reddish yellow or orange color, like the flesh of the salmon.

• Salmonet

  1. (n.) A salmon of small size; a samlet.

• Salmonoid

  1. (a.) Like, or pertaining to, the Salmonidae, a family of fishes including the trout and salmon.
  2. (n.) Any fish of the family Salmonidae.