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Mano Meaning in Urdu

Roman Urdu


chaal  چال
havayli  حویلی
Manor house  
Havaili  حویلی
 جاگیردارانہ نظام ٬ جاگیردارانہ رویہ
 جاگیردارانہ ٬ زمینداری سے متعلق
 فشار پیما
 فشار پیمائی کے طریقے سے
Manometric, Manometrical  
 فشار پیمانہ

Definition & Synonyms

• Mano

  1. (n.) The muller, or crushing and grinding stone, used in grinding corn on a metate.

• Manometric

  1. (a.) Alt. of Manometrical

• Manograph

  1. (n.) An optical device for making an indicator diagram for high-speed engines. It consists of a light-tight box or camera having at one end a small convex mirror which reflects a beam of light on to the ground glass or photographic plate at the other end. The mirror is pivoted so that it can be moved in one direction by a small plunger operated by an elastic metal diaphragm which closes a tube connected with the engine cylinder. It is also moved at right angles to this direction by a reducing motion, called a reproducer, so as to copy accurately on a smaller scale the motion of the engine piston. The resultant of these two movements imparts to the reflected beam of light a motion similar to that of the pencil of the ordinary indicator, and this can be traced on the sheet of ground glass, or photographed.