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Indigo Meaning in Urdu

Roman Urdu


Neel  نیل
Indigo Blue, Indigotin  
 نیل ٬ نیل کا رنگ

Definition & Synonyms

• Indigo

  1. (n.) A kind of deep blue, one of the seven prismatic colors.
  2. (a.) Having the color of, pertaining to, or derived from, indigo.
  3. (n.) A blue dyestuff obtained from several plants belonging to very different genera and orders; as, the woad, Isatis tinctoria, Indigofera tinctoria, I. Anil, Nereum tinctorium, etc. It is a dark blue earthy substance, tasteless and odorless, with a copper-violet luster when rubbed. Indigo does not exist in the plants as such, but is obtained by decomposition of the glycoside indican.

Anil, Indigotin,

• Indigoes

  1. (pl. ) of Indigo