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Gum Meaning in Urdu

Roman Urdu


Gum Resin  
صمغ الصنوبر
ایک طرح کا لاکھ

Definition & Synonyms

• Gum

  1. (n.) A vegetable secretion of many trees or plants that hardens when it exudes, but is soluble in water; as, gum arabic; gum tragacanth; the gum of the cherry tree. Also, with less propriety, exudations that are not soluble in water; as, gum copal and gum sandarac, which are really resins.
  2. (n.) A hive made of a section of a hollow gum tree; hence, any roughly made hive; also, a vessel or bin made of a hollow log.
  3. (v. t.) To smear with gum; to close with gum; to unite or stiffen by gum or a gumlike substance; to make sticky with a gumlike substance.
  4. (n.) The dense tissues which invest the teeth, and cover the adjacent parts of the jaws.
  5. (n.) See Gum tree, below.
  6. (v. t.) To deepen and enlarge the spaces between the teeth of (a worn saw). See Gummer.
  7. (v. i.) To exude or from gum; to become gummy.
  8. (n.) A rubber overshoe.
  9. () Alt. of copal

Glue, Mucilage, Mumble,

• Gumption

  1. (n.) Capacity; shrewdness; common sense.
  2. (n.) The art of preparing colors.
  3. (n.) Megilp.

Backbone, Common sense, Grit, Moxie, Sand, Sense,

• Gummosity

  1. (n.) Gumminess; a viscous or adhesive quality or nature.