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Dubious Meaning in Urdu

Roman Urdu


Ghair Moatbar
غیر معتبر
مشکوک طریقے سے
مشتبہ انداز سے
مبہم طور پر
Dubious Indication  
چیرا دینے کی مشکوک علامات

Definition & Synonyms

• Dubious

  1. (a.) Of uncertain event or issue; as, in dubious battle.
  2. (a.) Occasioning doubt; not clear, or obvious; equivocal; questionable; doubtful; as, a dubious answer.
  3. (a.) Doubtful or not settled in opinion; being in doubt; wavering or fluctuating; undetermined.

Doubtful, Dubitable,

• Dubiousness

  1. (n.) State of being dubious.

Doubt, Doubtfulness, Dubiety, Incertitude, Question, Uncertainty,

• Dubiously

  1. (adv.) In a dubious manner.

Doubtfully, Questionably,