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Dama Meaning in Urdu

Definition & Synonyms

• Damar

  1. (n.) See Dammar.


• Damascus

  1. (n.) A city of Syria.

• Damascus steel

  1. () See Damask steel, under Damask.

• Damasken

  1. (v.) To decorate, as iron, steel, etc., with a peculiar marking or "water" produced in the process of manufacture, or with designs produced by inlaying or incrusting with another metal, as silver or gold, or by etching, etc., to damask.

• Damassin

  1. (n.) A kind of modified damask or brocade.

• Damage feasant

  1. () Doing injury; trespassing, as cattle.

• Damaskeen

  1. (v.) Alt. of Damasken

• Damageable

  1. (a.) Hurtful; pernicious.
  2. (a.) Capable of being injured or impaired; liable to, or susceptible of, damage; as, a damageable cargo.

• Damaskin

  1. (n.) A sword of Damask steel.

• Daman

  1. (n.) A small herbivorous mammal of the genus Hyrax. The species found in Palestine and Syria is Hyrax Syriacus; that of Northern Africa is H. Brucei; -- called also ashkoko, dassy, and rock rabbit. See Cony, and Hyrax.