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Cous Meaning in Urdu

Roman Urdu


Cousin Hood  
عم زادگی
پہلا عم زاد
سگا عم زاد
حقیقی عم کا لڑکا یا لڑکی
عم زادانہ
عم زاد کی طرح
مثل عم زاد
عم زادگی
عم زادیت

Definition & Synonyms

• Cousin

  1. (n.) Allied; akin.
  2. (n.) One collaterally related more remotely than a brother or sister; especially, the son or daughter of an uncle or aunt.
  3. (n.) A title formerly given by a king to a nobleman, particularly to those of the council. In English writs, etc., issued by the crown, it signifies any earl.


• Cousinly

  1. (a.) Like or becoming a cousin.

• Cousinage

  1. (n.) Relationship; kinship.

• Coussinet

  1. (n.) That part of the Ionic capital between the abacus and quarter round, which forms the volute.
  2. (n.) A stone placed on the impost of a pier for receiving the first stone of an arch.

• Cousin-german

  1. (n.) A first cousin. See Note under Cousin, 1.


• Cousinship

  1. (n.) The relationship of cousins; state of being cousins; cousinhood.

• Cousinhood

  1. (n.) The state or condition of a cousin; also, the collective body of cousins; kinsfolk.

• Cousinry

  1. (n.) A body or collection of cousins; the whole number of persons who stand in the relation of cousins to a given person or persons.

• Couscous

  1. (n.) A kind of food used by the natives of Western Africa, made of millet flour with flesh, and leaves of the baobab; -- called also lalo.

• Couscousou

  1. (n.) A favorite dish in Barbary. See Couscous.