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Burr Meaning in Urdu

Roman Urdu


کھودنے والا
کريدنے والا
Burr, Bur  
حلق سے آواز نکالنا
کانٹے دار
Burr, Bur, Buhr Stone  
کھردرا يا خاردار بيج دان
Burr Stone, Bur Stone  
کھوکھرا پتھر
لدو گدھا
Burr Stone  
کھوکھرا پَتھَر

Definition & Synonyms

• Burr

  1. (n.) The knot at the bottom of an antler. See Bur, n., 8.
  2. (n.) The lobe or lap of the ear.
  3. (n.) The sweetbread.
  4. (n.) A triangular chisel.
  5. (n.) A ring of iron on a lance or spear. See Burr, n., 4.
  6. (n.) A prickly seed vessel. See Bur, 1.
  7. (n.) A drill with a serrated head larger than the shank; -- used by dentists.
  8. (n.) Any rough or prickly envelope of the seeds of plants, whether a pericarp, a persistent calyx, or an involucre, as of the chestnut and burdock. Also, any weed which bears burs.
  9. (n.) The thin edge or ridge left by a tool in cutting or shaping metal, as in turning, engraving, pressing, etc.; also, the rough neck left on a bullet in casting.
  10. (v. i.) To speak with burr; to make a hoarse or guttural murmur.
  11. (n.) The round knob of an antler next to a deers head.
  12. (n.) A small circular saw.
  13. (n.) A clinker; a partially vitrified brick.
  14. (n.) A broad iron ring on a tilting lance just below the gripe, to prevent the hand from slipping.
  15. (n.) A thin flat piece of metal, formed from a sheet by punching; a small washer put on the end of a rivet before it is swaged down.
  16. (n.) A guttural pronounciation of the letter r, produced by trilling the extremity of the soft palate against the back part of the tongue; rotacism; -- often called the Newcastle, Northumberland, or Tweedside, burr.
  17. (n.) The thin ridge left by a tool in cutting or shaping metal. See Burr, n., 2.
  18. (n.) The lobe of the ear. See Burr, n., 5.


• Burr millstone

  1. () See Buhrstone.