Raw Mango Juice Recipe by Gulzar Hussain

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Raw Mango Juice recipe by Gulzar Hussain. This delightful recipe of Raw Mango Juice can be ready in Minutes and good to serve around People. Follow all the steps recommended by Chef to get a perfect dish.


Raw mango3 to 4
Sugar250 gm
Lemon juice4 tbsp
Iceas required


  1. First boil the raw mango and when they turned soft peel them and take out the pulp from inside. Then add 250 gm sugar with 4 tbsp lemon juice and cook for 15 minutes on low flame. Then cool it in a refrigerator. When serve, add ice.

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I’m a big lover of mango, in summer I tried different dishes which make with mangos.
By: fatima, Form: gujranwala, on 14 May, 2019
I have heard a lot about this raw mango juice recipe but I have never tasted it. That is a good idea to try it now and have its yummy and delicious taste right now….
By: jaleed, Form: Mandi, on 10 May, 2019
It is very best summer season really nice recipe i feel is energyfull
By: Hameed, Form: Rawalpindi, on 24 Jan, 2019
I have a great list of recipes which I get from this Web in which some juices are also included, now I have the another new recipe of juice which I will make it raw mango juice to serve for my family in the hot summer season.
By: ALIYA, Form: khi, on 19 Apr, 2017