curry grilled jumbo shrimps with rice

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1) u10 shrimps 4 pcs

2) curry powder 10g

3) lemon juice 50ml

4) salt 05g

5) pepper 05g

6) rice 100g

7) parsley 2g

8) corn oil 20ml

9) butter 20g

10) cream 20g


1) first of all peel the shrimps and then marinate with corn oil lemon juice salt
2) pepper
3) curry powder and keep in the cooler for one hour
4) while keeping the shrimps in the marination. make steamed rice then mix
with chopped parsley then molud it and keep on the palter
5) grilled the shrimps and arrange on the middle of the plate.serve it with lemon butter sauce.

for the lemon butter sauce melt the butter in the small sauce pan and pour the cream on it add seasoning at the end add the lemon juice.

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Cooking is my hobby and trying new recipes every time is something I always wanted to do. My cousin suggested me this page and I tried this Curry Grilled Jumbo Shrimps With Rice recipe at home. It turned out well. Thanks.
By: Alishba, Form: Islamabad, on 23 Jan, 2017
this reciepe is looking fantastic it's.i food like this.
By: zaman, Form: karachi pakistan, on 12 Jan, 2009

curry grilled jumbo shrimps with rice

curry grilled jumbo shrimps with rice – Delicious and tempting curry grilled jumbo shrimps with rice recipe can be prepared in your kitchen with ease. You can make them as a tea time snack or can serve it in lunch or dinner. This recipe is equally loved by children and adults.