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Pizza is my weak point and pizza paratha is new recipe and dish for me. I will try pizza paratha in my breakfast.
By: huma, Form: faislabad, on 14 May, 2019
method of this khagina recipe is so amazing and easy. Before see this recipe I was thought that this is sweet dish.
By: jannat, Form: rawalpindi, on 14 May, 2019
my best friend is best chef she always made tasty dishes. And she made pizza so delicious we always asked her for pizza.
By: aiza, Form: faislabad, on 11 May, 2019
we don’t have to bring khagina to the market because on this page easy recipe available and we can make it at home.
By: fatima, Form: chinot, on 11 May, 2019
I will must make that at home for mine guest my guest also like it Its really easy to make this home made milky bread I try many recipes and found this recipes is quit easy and ervery one like it.
By: jaleed, Form: Sialkot, on 10 May, 2019
khagina is so delicious and mouthwatering dish . I made it for breakfast. We can make this dish for special occasions.
By: iqra, Form: jehlum, on 27 Apr, 2019
first time I see salty dalia because my mother always make daliya with sugar. So this time I will try this new recipe of dalia.
By: akasha, Form: islambad, on 27 Apr, 2019
This is the delicious dish ever of mine whole family and this is the looking so spicy who they would like to eat that very eagerly
By: TAKINAT, Form: multan, on 13 Apr, 2019
I can make Dalia usually for mine child because they really like to eat that so now I will make it by new one taste who mention here for us
By: KHALEEL, Form: panjab, on 12 Apr, 2019
It makes very nice i like that in home very good recipe best sweet bread
By: Asfa, Form: Faislabad, on 25 Jan, 2019

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